Thursday, February 25, 2010

Let People Power works on May 10, 2010

As remember People Power on its 24th anniversary Filipinos should remember of what happen in EDSA last February 25, 1986. I was only few years old during that time yet like what I always say that it doesn’t hinder me of knowing what happen how we suffer from martial law and how press freedom and human rights were suppress and violated. But people stood up and say no more of it and they march on EDSA to protest and calls for bringing democracy back to the Philippines. I don’t want to converse much of the history everyone knows what happen and how we gain democracy it only in the matter how we embrace it.

I was hoping that on the 2010 Election on May 10, the spirit of People Power works, to be vocal of what the country really needs and what our leaders should be doing. I hope that everyone should participate on the election and exercise this right, the people power now is though voting and participating on know candidates deeper not only with the personal life and popularity, not by just rubbing elbows with them but through their platforms. We should have constant evaluation on their platforms like what I have observed and blogged they have vague plans on education, maternal health, housing and urban planning and now with the alarming issue on climate change, rapid increase of population growth and the epidemic status of HIV/AIDS in the country maybe the future president should have a concrete plan on answering this concern including graft and corruption and proper management on pork barrel.

Let EDSA People Power Revolution inspire us that once in our life we should stood for our country and our countrymen, and this time its through election and becoming vigilant in all the things that our government officials is doing. Let People Power and the love for our county continue burns in our heart. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

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