Thursday, February 25, 2010

Two Catholic Bishops will endorse to JC delos Reyes

It’s been a while since the Catholic Church stands clearly on the issue on politics; those were the times of the late Archbishop Jaime Cardinal Sin who joins the People Power Revolution and during the ousting of President Joseph Ejercito Estrada. Now that the 2010 election is near, the two Catholic bishops resigned from Philippine Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV) poll watchdog service and shows support to the presidential candidate Councilor JC delos Reyes of Ang Kapatiran Party, they are Lipa Archbishop Ramon Arguelles and Bacolod Bishop Vicente Navarra. The two bishops will be endorsing delos Reyes as they believe on his “prophetic” image that will bring change on the usual political system of the government. As of now there is no clear sign that the two bishops represents the whole hierarchy of the Catholic Church in the country like what other charismatic group is doing now and same with the Iglesia ni Cristo who has bloc vote ever since.

It is always been a big argument in the issue of separation of state and church which we always see how the church interferes with the government in regards of the political system, scandals and scams which mostly connected to “morality”. Morality per see is always a general topic which it’s hard to determine and depends on the religion or belief we are talking about. Yes it is a free country the anyone has the right to say or support anyone they wanted, so I’m saying my piece now, as a member of the church but not that fanatic compare to others, it is hard for me to see that some of my “bishops” is supporting a candidate along with his senatorial bet who doesn’t have clear stand on issue on maternal health and population growth. We are missing the point here, maybe what’s the best thing that the church should be doing like what PPCRV is doing is to encourage the people to have constant discerning on whom among the candidate is worth of vote, with their platforms and their capabilities and abilities to execute it, and pushing everyone to vote on May 10 election.

Read my post about JC delos Reyes on the issue of Population and Enviromental Development here.

And JC delos Reyes during the ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs Harapan 2010 Presidential Forum in University of Sto Tomas.

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