Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Who is Brian Gorrell?

Last night, it was my first time to see Brian Gorrell in person aside from reading his post in The Talented Mr. Montano and it shows that he is a victim of the socialite class where he was swindled with $70, 000 and hoping it will go to a restaurant and a travel booking company, where his former boyfriend promised. Unfortunately he was been fooled by the former columnist boyfriend and a member of the socialite class who was mentioned by Brian, involves with the issue of selling and using drugs in the party.

Brian is now getting ready to transfer to Canada in three months where his present house will be given to it's new owner. But what's good with Brian (not that I'am not a socialite fan) is that he takes the courage to tell the whole world through his blog all the substance that people should know, which I am religiously following. And with impact. Wish him all the luck!


Anonymous said...

You should have read the entire blog first before putting an article about it. Your Entry Sucks.

Anonymous said...


Andrew Sheldon said...

Whilst I welcome any attempt to highlight the small mindedness of ‘high society’ evidence suggests that Brian Gorrell doesn’t fall far from the tree. See my thoughts at

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