Friday, May 2, 2008

Blogging is influencing others to be or not to be someone

A friend told me, what did bloggers contribute to the society, knowing that the population of people having access in the internet is merely less than 5% of the over all population of the country and mostly coming from the middle and upper classes.

Being a blogger like what I mentioned before in my "Why am I blogging" entry, bloggers like print writers, TV and movie writers and even story tellers in palengkes and barber shops. They have stories to tell -- it may be similar to what we see on everyday living -- but the way stories are told may varies on its authenticity and impact to the readers. We can all talk or write about Cheap Medicines Bill but the difference or two or more bloggers, from just mentioning the topic on the blog a blogger who have sense of responsibility may write a deeper commentary on the issue and how it may affect himself and others. Being a blogger we take a half of the journalistic role of the professionals, and that it to become a citizen journalist, to share information to others who may not know that the Philippines have two entries on the New 7 Wonders of the World, or simply sharing latest tips on earning more on Google Ad Sense. Our topic or craft may be different but our goal is the same and that is through our writings we can influence others.

My soon nominees are based according to their content and craft:

Nominees numbers 1 - 2 are political bloggers

Nominee number 3 is a controversial blogger who rallies against the social elites

Nominee number 4 is media/news/entertainment related bloggers

Nominee number 5 is a member of a Church that stood for his ideals and principles

Nominee number 6 is a blogger who position his/herself differently because of their sexual belief

Nominee number 7 is a woman who struggles to win a fight for herself

Nominee number 8 is in the field of medicine

Nominees number 9 is a mother who shares simple life but great happiness in her entries

and Nominee number 10 is blogger that talks about being true as Filipino in a foreign land

Names will be posted next week so watch for it!

So kung may hula kayo post na sa comment box malay nyo mabago pa isip ko hehehehehe

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BURAOT said...

who reads the Philippine Daily Inquirer?

the same people who are in the upper and middle class.

so why write? same reason I suppose. hell, we don't even have to have a reason.

keep on blogging.

Sir Kramic said...

paweng buraot tagal mo nawala ah

BURAOT said...

sensya na po. busy busyhan lolo eh. nagpahinga muna sa mga debate. hehehhe.

chase / chubz said...

wow. i can't wait for this list ha.

bloggers unite!!

Sir Kramic said...

hehehehe may idea ka ba kung sino sino sila

anywhere_Smile said...

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