Thursday, December 16, 2010

ROSARIO: A Cinemabuhay International and Studio 5 entry for 2010 MMFF

I was fortunate to see the advance screening of Rosario that features Jennelyn Mercado and based from the story of Manny V. Pangilinan. It is the first entry of Studio 5, a movie outfit of TV 5 Network in cooperation with Cinemabuhay for the 2010 Metro Manila Film Festival that will be open in all theaters nationwide beginning December 25 and it’s directed by Albert Martinez.

The film is a celebration of the life of Rosario Herrera, MVP’s grand mother. The movie recounts Rosario’s life from the age of 18 as a liberated young woman who studied in New York until the age of 33 where she left with nothing except for her pride and love for her family.

Among the entries in 2010 MMFF, Rosario is the only drama with an “era” based setting. Honestly, the way they crafted the movie, along with the way the characters talk, moved and the way the dressed there’s consistency and connection to the period where the movie was set. Jennelyn Mercado, along with Yul Servo (Vicente Perez), Isabel Oli (Carmen Santos), Sid Lucero, (Carding Arenas), and Dennis Trillo (Alberto Fernandez), did a great portrayal of their roles.

Being true with the setting, the Rosario production group stick to the texture of the film which it shows transition from the older days at it moves to the present time, it help the viewers see the variation of each transition. One of the examples is when Rosario married and begins her family life with Vicente in the story where it maybe simple but it sees how time passes by in the film. The panning of camera and angles is very important where the storyline is based from a storytelling done by Dolphy (Hesus Fernandez, son of Rosario) where it let the viewers peek on the bitterness and sweetness of the life of main character.

Lastly, the music and scoring that plays the vital role in the story, where Rosario is passionate, and loves poetry and playing piano. In this way, the right choice of music gives more spice in the story flow of the film. One of the songs included in the film was a composition of Ogie Alcasid “Ang Aking Buhay”, which was sung by Mercado and became the theme song of the movie.

Rosario Full Trailer

Rosario is one of the movies I saw with stellar casts and cameos including Philip Salvador, Eula Valdez, Empress, Bing Loyzada, Lito Pimentel, Chanda Romero and so many more. The film is showing on December 25 for the 2010 MMFF, and a sure candidate for the awards.Visit their website at

Thanks to the PLDT myDSL for the invites.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for that great review! We, Jennylynians, cannot wait until we can see the actual movie ourselves!

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