Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Flying Pig: A haven for meat lovers in Eastwood Mall

From the maker of John Bamboo, Red Crab, Heaven ‘N Eggs, Blu Fish, and Claw Daddy brings another concept restaurant and this time it ventures to all meat lovers who goes to Eastwood Mall in Libis to dine – The Flying Pig Super Swine Diner & Café . Flying Pig is a concept restaurant that offers a variety of dishes made of pork; from appetizers, soups, salads, and main dishes. Chef Peter Ayson, who is also the executive chef of John Bamboo in Nuvali said that they wanted to maximize all parts of the pork and create dishes from it. Honestly, I was so surprised seeing a huge number of pork made dishes in one menu which only Flying Pig has and I was fortunate to try some of their bestsellers.

(Apple Cream Soup - creamy apple soup with fresh apple slices and smoked bacon bits in a bread bowl P175)

(Bacon and Blue Cheese Salad - fresh romaine lettuce, sliced cherry tomatoes, herb croutons, smoked bacon, blue cheese, candied walnut, slices of golden delicious apples and cured bacon vinaigrette tossed together for a very unique and appetizing sour sweet salad. P355 )

(The Flying Pig - chicken wings wrap in honey cured bacon savored in sweet and tangy buffalo sauce and paired with carrots and celery sticks with mayo and blue cheese dip. P295)

(Patatim Pata Tom - The usual home cooked patatim or braised pork knuckles of your mom and lola was created more tasty and mouth watering with the blend of light soy anise broth, shitake mushroom, bokchoy and fried cupao buns. P595)

(The Pork Treasure Pot - Chinese inspired flavored rice on a dry pot mixed with anise, Chinese sausage, mushroom and bokchoy and topped with tender pork ribs, steamed broccoli, and eggplant. P365)

(Kung Fu Spices Spare Ribs - Pork spare ribs blended with secret Shanghai spices and topped by olive oiled fried chili pepper to give a spicy aroma. P385)

(The Flying Pig's Cuchi Prito - roasted suckling pig paired with wild hog rice and house salad and balsamic live sauce P365 for solo, P689 quarter and good for 2 and P1250 half and good for 3)

(Slow cooked Kurobota Pork Belly - tender pork belly in aromatic soy anise broth with mushroom, bokchoy, broccoli and steamed onion stalks paired with buttery whipped potato P395)

(Three Little Pigs Cabbage Rolls - beef and pork burrito with bacon rolled in cabbage topped with melted cheddar cheese and smoked barbecue sauce P256)

(Grandma's Chocolate Cake - moist chocolate cake layered with caramel and dark chocolate syrup and topped with choco swirls P155/slice) 

 (Dulce de Leche Cheesecake - distinctive dulce de leche cheesecake with strawberry syrup P165/slice)

(Caramel Panacotta - sweet caramel panacotta with crashed graham on the based with mild whipped cream and caramel syrup)

Among the main dishes served in Flying Pig, Patatim Pata Tom, Flying Pig Chuchi Prito, Kung Fu Spice Spare Ribs and the Pork Treasure Pot were my personal favorite. I always have this cravings for the sweet, sour and spicy taste in terms of meat dishes. Patatim Pata Tom for me is more enhanced Paksiw na Pata or Patatim of what my mom usually cook on a weekend, adding more ingredients like cupao buns and bokchoy gives more exciting treat over the usual laurel leaves, anise and banana blossoms (bulaklak ng saging). That goes with the Flying Pig Cuchi Prito, it looks like the usual fried pork but this time with wild hog rice and salad that is more appealing not only for the eyes but also for the stomach. 

Of course, we Filipino diners love something spicy that's why Kung Fu Spice Spare Ribs and the Pork Treasure Pot captured my taste buds. Aside from the beautiful presentation, the tenderness of the pork spare ribs with spicy taste was so good in every bite.

Aside from feeding the stomach of the diners, a concept store should also feed the eyes of their client aside the presentation of the food they serve. Diners like me, I enjoyed looking around in a restaurant or any places I visit, ambiance is the keyword here. In the Flying Pig, concept based restaurant stick to its image as a pork/meat centric restaurant. With the images of pigs in super hero costumes from the walls and the menu it gives a playful feel of what they offer to their clients.

And if you're asking if I ever come back again here in the Flying Pig, my answer is yes. It is very important for me to see what I get from the money I have even the last cent, most of the dishes of The Flying Pig comes in big servings and good for three to four person for sharing. It goes well with your budget and it and can feed more of friends or families.

The Flying Pig Super Swine Diner & Café
Address: Ground Floor, Eastwood Mall Veranda, 
Eastwood City, Libis Quezon City 
Phone: 900-0886

Check out more pictures of The Flying Pig here.

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