Thursday, February 3, 2011

10 Million Signatures to Stop Mining in Palawan

ABS-CBN Foundation-Bantay Kalikasan and partners launched a campaign to gather 10 million signatures to stop mining in Palawan. They open a website where everyone can sign up and join this campaign - Aside from the website others can download the form and print it and fax it to 4152227 or email it to

Before the launched of this campaign, the murder of Gerry Ortega who is one of those who opposes the mining in Palawan opens the mind and heart of everyone the importance of taking care of the environment. Where Palawan has 17 key biodiversity sites that include 2 heritage sites and 8 protected sites, which it should be preserved and protected and with mining it can harm the ecosystem.

Like other environmental advocates, mining is not always option to boost economy like in Palawan. The region is known with its 5 ecotourism sites which help the economy and living of the residence in the area. Like what Mayor Edward Hagedorn did in Puerto Princesa before, he banned mining and logging in the area and focused on agriculture and tourism. It increases the 2 flights per week to 10 flights a day and the region’s revenue increased.

The pledge to Stop Mining in Palawan begins today, let’s not put the death of Ortega in vain, instead let’s continue his fight to save the environment and protect biodiversity in Palawan. Be counted and join the signature campaign by visiting

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Anonymous said...

ABS CBN Foundation leading the preservation or conservation of environment advocacy? How many thousands of trees were cut down in hundreds of hectares of virgin forest in the Visayas when they built the geothermal plant? So, the end justifies the means for some? How about the pipeline leak in Makati? And some experts say that most likely there could be several more leaks not yet detected in its 140+ kilometers from Batangas to Metro Manila. So much for these so called or self annointed environmentalists!!!

Anonymous said...

There is an adjective for those who condemn something but utilize and profit from it.

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