Wednesday, April 13, 2011

IMO: On pulling out GF-BF McDo TVC which was requested by CBCP

Sadly, things are getting weird lately from putting contraceptives on prescription in Ayala Alabang and Bataan which was applauded by the Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) who was the major opponent of the controversial Reproductive Health Bill (RHBill). But recently, CBCP ask McDonalds to pull out their latest BF-GF TV commercial. The TVC showed a girl asking the boy if they’re already boyfriend/girlfriend yet the kid hesitated because of the reason that girls are too demanding. But the girl says she only wanted French fries that only cost 25 pesos in McDonalds.

Here’s the video:

In my opinion, I don’t see anything wrong with the TVC, the theme/set up was very common where kids acting like adults having puppy love. The concept was not new in the field of advertising. The GF BF Mcdo commercial was not only shown here in the Philippines, there were versions in India, and other countries. But none from their countries reacted against it and ask for its pull out.

Here is the BF/GF TVC in India: (no need for subtitle the concept is similar with the Philippines)

Putting children in TVC makes a bigger impact to its viewers, it doesn’t mean they were exploited or molested or what Fr. Melvin Castro, the Executive Secretary of the CBCP Episcopal Commission on Family and Life in his interview in where he says that the commercial was "very shallow" and "cheapens human relationships”. The main goal of putting kids as actors in the TVC is it cute to see kids doing adults, it will help us to focus more on the commercial or show because we are amazed with their talents at the very young age. So I don’t get the point of that reason that CBCP impose that its shallow and cheap, maybe CBCP is ridding with the Willing Willie issue attacking things that they “think” is foul but honestly it is not. Maybe CBCP should be thinking outside their boxes and see what is necessary and what is really cheap (along with what they are doing). There are so many things that they should be focusing especially those inside their fences. Ending this simple opinion on the issue I am posting a famous TVC in Australia on how kids are use in the commercial and makes more impact in sending the message and warning to all conservative some parts are not for you especially with your narrow understand.

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Anonymous said...

Inggit lang ang CBCP
1. Pano sa halagang 25 pesos binatilyo nakukuha nila.
2. wala silang mabili na Girlfriend sa halagang 25pesos.

Anonymous said...

kung titingnan mo sa adult version kumbaga isang babaeng mababa ang lipad.. 25 pesos lang swak na..

25 pesos.... tuloy po kayo :)

mas madami pa tayong pwedeng maisip na advertisement na mas may senses kaysa dito.. tangalin man... walang kaso sinse hindi siya magandang ad. sayang lang ang airtime fee.

Anonymous said...

my boy was slapped by his classmate after telling her "gusto mo ng french fries tapos akin ka na"

and he got that from this ad.

he's in grade 4.

Flow Galindez said...

I like the way how you presented your ideas esp the symbolism. Pero sana you guys should include your names para ma-recognize naman ko kayo :)

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