Thursday, March 3, 2011

Carey Mulligan stars in Never Let Me Go

After her stint in Public Enemy, Wall Street 2 and An Education, Carey Mulligan takes on a more serious and heartbreaking film adapted from the 2005 novel of Kazuo Ishiguru entitled Never Let Me Go. The drama movie adaptation was directed by Mark Romanek with a screenplay by Alex Garland. Also starring in the movie were Andrew Garfield and Keira Knightley.

The film follows the three students of Hailsham; Kathy (Mulligan), Tommy (Garfield) and Ruth (Knightly). The three students stayed in the boarding school taking care of the fragile young bodies and studied arts and culture until they reach their adulthood and accomplished a certain task. Being idealistic and fragile, the three characters and the rest of the Hailsham students will encounter a brutal reality that they cannot live a regular life but instead they will be a support to all medically in need people who need organ donors. And the three of them were one of those created and raised to be donors and that is their lives should be.

Here’s the interview of Carey Mulligan talking about her views about her character and the story:

Q: What’s it like to make a film that deals with such heartbreaking material?
Carey Mulligan: We didn’t observe ourselves in this tragic world, we just played the parts, and so it was actually much lighter for us than it comes off. Part of what makes it so sad is that they live believing that this is their only choice, their only world, and there were a lot of very emotional scenes.

Q: A question that seems to crop up a lot with the story is why they don’t try and run away?
Mulligan: The book doesn’t deal with that. When people ask Ishiguru about it he always says that he wasn’t writing a book about people who ran away – he didn’t want to write a slave rebellion book. It’s about people who accept their circumstances and that’s probably more truthful than people running away.

Q: Your character, Kathy, is a clone. Does that affect how you play her?
Mulligan: No, because we never thought of ourselves as clones. The whole point of the story is that they are as human as people who are conceived naturally. So it was more about a group of orphans growing up together and not really having any kind of nurturing. They were just normal but segregated and treated differently, for no reason.

Q: Had you read the book before you were offered the part?
Mulligan: Yes, I read it when it came out. I always saw it as an amazing love story and then everything else played into it. It was also about friendship, between those two girls, and then the love story.

Q: Do you think success is changing you? We all have this perception what fame does…
Mulligan: No, I don’t think it’s changed me. Because I don’t feel famous in the classic sense of the word. When I’m doing press stuff, I wear heels and someone does my makeup, and it’s like a completely different side, a work thing, but then when I’m not working it’s completely different. And no one really photographs me when I’m on my own; I never get stopped in the street, so it’s not like Justin Bieber fame (laughs).

Q: You don’t read anything that’s written about you?
Mulligan: I read some reviews for the theatre I did and a couple of reviews for An Education but I didn’t read anything for Wall Street because I think if you start thinking about the end result and going into films thinking about how people perceive you then your choices are rubbish. You hate all the bad things that they say, so it’s just best just not to read any of it because then you can’t take any of it in.

Q: What’s your idea of a perfect day off?
Well, I always get up early; once I’m awake that’s it. I’ve been in New York watching plays; I’ve been in London seeing my friends. I took French lessons for a couple of weeks and then got bored. I enjoyed being off for a while and then I got sick of it and I thought ‘I must do something active.’ It wasn’t like I spent four months travelling to Tibet or anything – I wish I had. I read a lot of scripts but just didn’t find anything until Drive came along.

Never Let Me Go is now showing (as of March 2) exclusively in all Ayala Cinemas by 20th Century Fox distributed by Warner Bros. Log on to for the movie’s schedule.

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