Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Liam Hemsworth joins Miley Cyrus on The Last Song

Another Nicholas Sparks bestselling novel will hit the big screen beginning May 12 in all theaters nationwide – The Last Song. Directed by Julie Anne Robinson and distributed by Touchtone Pictures and Disney Pictures International, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth will be playing the role Ronnie Miller and Will Blakelee, two teenagers searching for the true meaning of life, one after reuniting with her estranged musician father and the other one a popular beach volley ball player looking for deeper meaning of his life.

Hemsworth will be doing his first leading role in a dramatic film just like Cyrus. “Liam has fantastic charisma on screen and he’s got great energy,” Robinson describing Hemsworth as an actor who has the passion on what he is doing and how he fits with the team. According to Robinson he sees Gary Cooper in Liam, “He has a laconic nature and is very relaxed on camera, but there’s a lot going on behind the eyes.” Robinson added.

‘He acts the part of a cheerful, popular guy, when in reality he’s not happy at all. When he meets Ronnie, Miley’s character, he finds someone equally confused who has lost something important. As the summer goes on, they help each other grow as people. She doesn’t make it easy for him, but in the end, she’s worth it.”, Liam explains his character where he is glad of having Will’s role and doing a Spark’s adaptation. Here is the complete interview of Liam Hemsworth:

Q: What do you think about Nicholas Sparks and his work?
Hemsworth: I think he is amazing. He can make you feel both happy and sad at the same time. There are so many emotions, one minute it’s sad, then you’re laughing and it’s happy, then there’s romance. It’s all very emotional. I think when people come out of seeing this movie, they’ll probably be crying. Maybe laughing at the same time, but definitely crying. But they’ll be happy tears!

Q: Your character is an avid beach volleyball player. Are you?
Hemsworth: I learned to play volleyball, which I’d never done before and probably will never do again! When I auditioned they asked me if I could play volleyball and I said, “No, but I'll learn.” Then the first session, I turn up and the volleyball coach was a really good player, I think he played in the Olympics. We played twice a week, two hours at a time, and that was the longest two hours of my life. It was excruciating! Even when I'd do something good, like I'd get a really good spike or pass, and I'd think I'd really done it well. I’d look at the coach and he'd just say, “Yeah, that was okay, do it again.”

Q: What’s it like working with Miley Cyrus?
Hemsworth: Miley is great! We had a lot of fun, she's always bright and happy and it's a pleasure to work with her. We got along really well and became good friends during the shoot.

Q: Did all the kids on the set hang out after the cameras were turned off?
Hemsworth: Yeah, absolutely. We'd all go out for dinner and hang out together. They're all great people and it's nice to get along with everyone and be able to be friends, because otherwise it would be pretty lonely on a set like this. And I think the chemistry shows in the movie.

Q: Did you enjoy working with Greg Kinnear?
Hemsworth: Greg’s a really funny guy and always doing odd stuff. I sent a message to Miley one day when we were on set to see if she was there, too. And she wrote back that she was, and Greg is such a handsome, amazing actor and she thinks he's just so great. I read it and thought it was kind of an odd thing to say, so I wrote back that yeah, I agree. But of course he had her phone.

Q: What was filming in Savannah and Tybee Island like?
Hemsworth: Hot! One of the days we shot the volleyball scene, it had to be 600 degrees or something. The sand was so hot, at one point I was jumping from foot to foot, trying to say my lines. It was crazy! I looked like I’d literally had a bucket of water poured over me. But it’s really beautiful and the people have been so nice to us.

The Last Song Full Trailer

Hemsworth joins Miley Cyrus, Greg Kinnear, Kelly Preston, Bobby Coleman, and Nick Lashaway in Touchstone Pictures’ The Last Song. The film will be shown in all cinemas nationwide beginning May 12.

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