Friday, April 30, 2010

What is Jejemon? Are you one of them?

It’s been awhile since everyone is making fun of the Jejemons and the way the talk and post messages in their social network accounts and text messages. Jejemons is a coined term for individuals who exaggerate words by adding H, Z and Q in the spelling of the word and enjoys using jejejeje replacing the h with j in hehehehehe (laughing in text).

Jejemon and their language became a hit not only in social networks but even in media, but my concern is that they maybe having fun with the way they speak and how they communicate in social networks, but sometimes it is hard for those who doesn’t understand them. Until now I’m not used with the text language what’s more with the Jejemon’s. A friend introduces me to a jejemon language converter, honestly the only thing it gives me pure headache.

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1 comment:

ohmski said...

aminin mo, isa ka sa nagintroduce sa kanila nung iblog. lolz

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