Sunday, March 14, 2010

Marites Vitug’s Shadow of Doubt: Probing Supreme Court

Beginning March 16 the controversial book of Marites Vitug entitled Shadow of Doubt: Probing Supreme Court will be out in the public. The book contains sensitive information on the issue that there are influential personalities that interfere with the decision process of the Supreme Court. With the information stated on the book, it will raise a red card on the judiciary system of the country where Chief Justice Renato Puno is currently sitting as the head of the SC.

But according to Marites Vitug, unlike other author, she encountered problem on financial support that will help her in the research that she conducted for the book and also publishing support. She begun to doubt there are some influential personality trying to stop her in releasing her book. But according to Chief Justice Puno he has nothing to do along with this department on the alleged suppression on Vitug’s book.

There will be a book launch of Shadow of Doubt: Probing Supreme Court at One Serendra Social Hall, The Fort, Taguig City on March 16, 4pm with Marites Vitug, books will be sold on a discounted price. Books can be ordered in advance by sending request at or call (02) 920-099. Books are sold with regular price of P 795.00 hardbound, P 475.00 paperback.

Here are excerpts from the book of Marites Vitug that is published on htt://

“It was an uncertain and perilous time. Asia’s first democracy, with its rambunctious press and festive elections, was suddenly silenced. Marcos blamed the communists for fueling protests and instability. He sent his political opponents and activists to prison. Others simply disappeared, snatched by government forces, much like the desaparecidos of Argentina.

Congress was shut down. Marcos ordered the Constitution rewritten and approved in people’s assemblies. The judiciary fell under the grip of one man.
Puno was one of Mendoza’s second-tier lawyers, his co-defender of martial rule. More than three decades later, when he was Chief Justice, Puno described this regime he helped perpetuate as one of a “slaughter of rights,” a period when the 1935 Constitution “was sent to the shredding machine.”

In a tribute he paid to the late Gerry Roxas in 2007 (he worked briefly in the Roxas law office), he said that the senator, who was a staunch opponent of martial rule, “showed us the way to deal with tyrants who trample on the civil rights of the people—and that is to strike no deal with them.”

Read the complete excerpts here.

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