Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Invictus: A movie of inspiration and success

I am glad that Warner Bros Pictures brings a movie that will inspire its viewers to be nationalistic and consider themselves playing a certain role for their country. Invictus is biographical drama film that is based on the life of Nelson Mandela on how he stirs the patriotism of his countrymen through the 1995 Rugby World Cup in South Africa and uniting the blacks and the whites to work as one. Starring Morgan Freeman as the South African President Mandela, and Matt Damon as François Pienaar, the South African team captain for the World Cup. The film is based from John Carlin’s Playing the Enemy: Nelson Mandela and the Game That Changed a Nation. The film is directed by Clint Eastwood and written by Anthony Peckham. Invictus will be shown in all cinemas here in the Philippines beginning February 17.

After the released from Robben Island Prison in 1990, Nelson Mandela works immediately on the end of the apartheid (racial segregation) on South Africa and initiates the full democratic elections where the black community can now vote. Mandela reaps his hardship when he became the president in 1994, with his challenge “balancing black aspirations with white fears”, we wanted to end racial discrimination in South Africa and unite his people as one country working together. Mandela sees color discrimination lingers when he attends the Springbok rugby game where blacks cheers against the home squad. He sees the opportunity on sportsmanship one year before the 1995 Rugby World Cup, he meets with the Springbok team captain François Pienaar and verbalizes his hopes and aspirations to unite all the blacks and whites in South Africa and cheers together as one country on the world cup. Mandela visualizes that through this game their country will be as one. With all the hardships of Pienaar and Mandela they won not only the 1995 World Cup, also the success of making their countrymen unite despite of what their skin dictates.

This movie is simple like The Blind Side, a film that is also distributed by Warner Bros Pictures, we need a film like this two that will inspire us, touches our hearts and make us feel good. The story of Mandela is everybody’s dream to see how their community or country work as one and be one. Invictus will be shown in all theaters nationwide beginning February 17 and please don’t miss this movie.

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