Monday, October 26, 2009

Globe Tattoo Broadband fits to anybody's lifestyle

More than 2 years na tong blog ko and its important para sa akin na everytime may mga news or events na important kailangan ma-update at ma-share ko agad sa blog ko especially if it concerns my advocacies. Usually sa mga events dala ko ang notebook (laptop) para if may urgent ma-upload ko agad, pero hindi naman lagi may free wifi or available wifi sa place where I can connect ako and update my blog like the Balangay send off last June na kailangan ko pang umuwi muna para lang makapag-blog.

Important sa akin ang urgent updates especially that ako yung matanong sa mga events where I ask the organizers after the event and ask additional information where I don't just rely with press releases alone. That's where I find Globe Tattoo Broadband handy where it doesn't need any complicated configuration, plug and play lang ang Globe Tattoo Broadband modem and you just need to run the software and you can connect to the net as fast as from 384 Kbps to 2mbps 3G or WCDMA connection.

Aside from the fast internet connection you can choose from per KB or per TIME based internet connection. Per KB connection caters to those who just update blog, check emails, read specific updates that will not require much time on the cybreworld. Per KB charging cost only 15 cents per KB that you consumed in surfing the net, to activate this service just text Bytes to 1111. While per TIME connection lets you surf the internet for 5 pesos per 15 minute surfing, it gives you additional time to stay in the cyberworld after checking emails or done updating your blog, to activate this option just text TIME to 1111, but for new users TIME based is default configuration. To check the status of your internet connection text STATUS to 1111.

And what's hip aside from blogging and social networking is that your plug it comes in different designs, breaking away from the common black and white modem. You have that chance to express yourself with the Globe Tattoo Broadband New Skins, you can be as zen as Cyan Tribe or as expressive and rocker as Black Dragon. Right now Globe Tattoo Broadband launches its promo where you can submit you plug it designs at the Globe Tattoo Broadband Gallery and the chooses designs can win as much as 5, 000 pesos, isn't cool?

Globe Broadband Tattoo is now sold for 895 pesos until October 31 and you can choose from 9 designs aside from the GI Joe limited collection. Globe Tattoo Broadband is powered by Globe Tattoo Prepaid Sim, a sim that you can use for call, text and wireless broadband connection. To those people on the go like me and most of the time needs to connect to the internet grab Globe Tattoo Broadband.

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