Monday, December 29, 2008

ABS-CBN Official Statement on the remake of Twilight; with clarification

After posting the article about the clamor on the remake of Twilight by ABS-CBN (local title Takipsilim) some of the bloggers asked me, bakit daw nakapost sa ABS-CBNnews ang article the other day ABS-CBN bought the rights and after a day the said article was gone. Sharing you the official statement of ABS-CBN made by Bong Osorio, head of the Corporate Communication and Relations of ABS-CBN with the clarification of to end up the clamor and the issue of playing the emotions of the fans. (As posted on's Entertainment Section)

ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation said there is no truth to the Internet buzz about the company doing a local version of the hit movie/novel "Twilight".

"There is no truth to the Web reports, particularly in the Perez Hilton blogsite, that ABS-CBN is doing a local adaptation of "Twilight". ABS-CBN will be the first to announce if it is, in fact doing so," according to ABS-CBN Corporate Communications' Bong Osorio.

Last week, did a story on an Internet report about the adaptation. The prospect of a local adaptation of "Twilight" has caused a lot of discussion, sometimes heated, on various Internet discussion fora.


And Kane, a colleague texted me informing to post Sir Bong's statement just this afternoon, honestly I was doubtful when I saw his name on my inbox akala ko papagalitan ako after posting my my opinion on the issue, but like what I said everything I posted on my blog either releases, narcissistic pictures of mine along with my favorite co-workers and most opinions cross-posted on, and Philippine Election 2010 where all my opinions and my contribution to the world wide web and help to them as part of the promotion with my own pagkukusa. Well the bottom line is may smiley naman ang text and he saw my full name along with my statement on the web and good thing its not opposite on what is really happening. Pero kinabahan pa rin ako kasi I'm sure ABS-CBN nor GMA and other stations here in the country has lots of creative juices that will entertain their audience, in the case of franchise my opinion is Pinoys have their own twist of the show which it can be better than the other country and more entertaining promise. :)

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Fjordan Allego said...

alin ang sagot dun sa tanong na "bakit daw inilabas ng ABS yung article na nakuha nila ang rights for the adaptation and after a day, nawala yung article sa website?"

hindi naman nila sinagot yun eh.. asan ang clarification dun? bakit inilgay yun dun? eto ba yun:

Last week, did a story on an Internet report about the adaptation. The prospect of a local adaptation of "Twilight" has caused a lot of discussion, sometimes heated, on various Internet discussion fora.

So they confirmed that they've published an article that made a lot of confusions to all Kapamilyas and Twilight fanatics and they don't even bother to explain why they've got to say that news about their acquisition of the rights ek ek on their supposed to be NEWS website?

queen antenna said...

hey fjordan! if i may...

i don't think abs-cbn sent the press release. read carefully thru the statement:

"Last week, did a story on an INTERNET REPORT about the adaptation."

it did not say that sent out the news about the adaption. it meant that they reported about the buzz that was already circulating all over the internet. and if i remember correctly, the news about this adaptation started out from merely reported about the internet buzz about the issue.

peace! :)

byx speaks said...

oh i am sorry the statement was also published on some newspapers

by the way, the story started not on perezhilton but on their news website which is
search twilight on google and you will find the said title and the link itself

i think they alrady bought the rights they're just making sure that it won't be big until the first day of shooting look what happened to JOhn Lloyd Cruz on I Love Betty la Fea na kesyo na sinusugarado niya na di na si Bea makapartner niya sa next project

knowing abs-cbn

but again sorry for calling you liar, sorry jus my emotion

Fjordan Allego said...

@queen antenna:

hindi ko naman sinabing press release ng ABS yun eh, gusto ko lang itong linawin pero hindi rin naman ako nakikipag-away hehehe syempre bagong taon na.

Ito ang gusto kong i-point out:

kung nabasa mo yung article na yun na hindi na rin naman na accessible sa ABS-CBNNews Online, mas makikita mo yung point ko. Parang ganito kasi, yung pagkakasulat ng mismong article na yun, hindi lang siya report, its confirming the rumors. hindi naman kasi nila binanggit dun sa mismong article na yun na the details written on that article are merely rumors. Come to think of it, the article was published in a News website, though they're merely reporting events, we all know that these should be factual. And, if they're writing for rumors, then they should include phrases stating that there's nothing official on their report.

Ang mahirap kasi sa article na yun, matapos kumalat ang bali-balita sa Internet, isinulat yun sa mismong website na para bang they're confirming the project.

Pero tapos na yung issue na yun. malinaw na sa akin ang lahat after the editors of the website pblished thir erratum pertaining to that article.

Again, hindi ako galit ah.. hehehe nililinaw ko lang yung sinasabi ko. sana nga naging malinaw hehehe..

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