Saturday, April 19, 2008

Why am I Blogging?

That's the common question people ask to the bloggers, why do you blog and what benefits you when you blog?

I can't say in behalf of the whole blogosphere, but in my almost a year of blogging on news, entertainment, society and events the only thing I can say is that there are stories that bloggers like myself -- even writers in print, television, movie, websites and advertisers -- has stories to share. Stories that people doesn't no, or stories that people knows but the way I present it may varies to the one they know, the style and way of story telling is important.

I'm counting down to my first blogsarry (blog anniversarry) on September. I can still remember of choosing Bad Blood Kramic (angry kramic), or Ang Sa Wari Ko (my opinion) as my title. I wanted to have a blog title that will generalize an idea on what I like to impose on my article and that is giving my side to the bigger story. Stories that people will love to read or sometimes doesn't. Schumey one of my mentor when I enter the a life of blogging tell me, that I can not pleased all with my articles. I must be ready for criticism and be used with it, as Arbet told me before when I encounter the word pathetic in my comment box, and it the word is addressed to me.

Making people read your blog entry is one of the challenge I encounter before, I never expected that people actually read my entries and even posted comment. When I write my views on the issue of Cheap Medicine Bill before, I am overwhelmed with the comments I received from the visitors I never thought visiting by blog. From their opinions, I learn more of what I have written in my entry. Sharing your part and learning from others is the most important thing I learn from blogging.

But not all is an easy publish like life in blogging, which I am encountering right now. I used to blog with Filipino language and it is hard for me to change the dialect to cater a wider audience. I am true to myself that I'm not that efficient with English language; and despite of this frustrations I can see visitors going to my blog, it may not be a large number of visitors but I am happy with it.

So there goes my blogging life and my journey continues.

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billyboxergirl said...

hayyyy...naiinis na po ako sa gobyerno natin... wala na ako naririnig na gud news.

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