Sunday, April 20, 2008

Politic-tack-thinking on Philippines 2010

The next president of the country must have a heart to feel, an ear to listen, and a hand to extend help to the Filipinos who are in need. We have enough of teleserye-like drama in the government; we need someone who acts first for the nation’s necessity rather than thinking how they will look like in front of the camera.

2010 National Election will create an impact to in the political history of the country, a circus of candidates and platforms buying for the Filipinos approval. Influential politicians, both from grass roots and from political clan will battle for the most important role of the country -- the President. In spite of their optimistic plan for the nation, the next president will encounter issues that the out going will leave, issues on people's needs and nation's stability. Matters on food, education, and the solution on growing population; this are the things that candidates running for the office must present in their platforms -- with specific agendas, goals, and timelines -- to be worthy of people's vote.

In spite of the sweet promises that these candidates offer, they must be aware with the present situation of the ailing society is suffering for so long. In present time, the nation is facing the dilemma of food shortage; from the price inflation-- where Juan dela Cruz can no longer afford to buy sufficient food for his kin -- to the possibility of hoarding as panic arises. The presidential candidate should create a program to fund agricultural regions more to provide sufficient food for the country. And lay down rules on companies that hoard basic commodities like rice, flour, sugar, and meat, and sell it on the higher price in the market. Price control should be instigated as World Bank requested the Arroyo government, yet in spite of the good it will affect to the country, PGMA decline this alternative opened to her.

After feeding the people -- and when his stomach is full -- educate them how to earn and live for themselves. One of the agenda of a candidate is to set priority on education with higher standards. Sufficient budget that will help to rehabilitate publics schools from the classrooms to the books needed by the students. A 40 student per class and a one book per student policy must be implemented to answer the needs on the development of the child's education. The candidate must present a concrete plans such as scholarship for those who intellectually capable but financially unable. And programs that will serve the needs of physically incapable Filipinos, and unemployed adults such as livelihood program that will educate them on how they will use their time and ability to earn for a living.

Educating the people is one of the key to cure social cancer caused by poverty. The issue of poverty roots from the amazing increase of population in the country, and the production of food can no longer sustain the needs of people. The battle on the issue on what to use on population control is still on the chopping board; the religious sector pushes the idea of natural method and opposes to the artificial method or contraceptive that NGOs are proposing. The issue of booming population depends now on what is humane and moral despite of the fact that it doubles every year. The next president must present a systematic way to moderate the increase of population. Educating the people in the risk of pro creating more than they can support its daily needs, the deployment on information drive is needed to stir awareness to the people. Also the next president must stand in between of the two sectors battling on what method to use on population control. As an important issue to be solved soon, the next president must empower both sectors on this campaign without the main issue on what is moral and not, let the religious do campaign in their respective churches, and let NGOs go deep in the heart of rural areas to inform the people on the alarming increase on population and how we can resolve it.

2010 is no longer far, who knows in a blink of an eye we are getting ready to vote for National Election. Politicians running for public office may hire the best PR Agency in the Philippines, and they can benefit from media exposure, in TV plugs, Print media and billboards but what is important is that, is He/She the one we are all waiting for to solve the issues of the country, if not solve at least give remedy to the suffering nation. In my first entry on the topic on 2010 National Election, I want to give emphasis on things that politicians must think ahead before entering the circus of campaigning and electing. Still I don’t have any answer to the question despite of the hardship of being a president, why there are still aiming to win the position. Is it for the public service or self gain? I’m just hoping that anyone who reads my first article on this subject may initiate to be vanguard on choosing the candidate worthy for their vote. I appreciate ABS-CBN for having a system like Boto Mo I-Patrol Mo, where they empower the voters to report anomalies on the previous election and allow them to air their views through interactive platforms.

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