Friday, March 7, 2008

Pepsi and Armani Exchage introduces PEPSI DELUXE

After the twisting taste of Pepsi lemon twist, the blue and red choice on Pepsi Ice and Pepsi Fire and the no sugar guilt of drinking soda in Pepsi Max, Pepsi the taste of the new generation with the Armani Exchance inspired design introduces a new line for those who crave for sweets and different kind of flavor without a guilt of intaking sugar and calorie, Pepsi Deluxe!

Two new flavors that will add flavors to the sweet taste buds without the calorie and sugar guilt in every drops and gulps of the new Pepsi Deluxe. With their new tagline "Indulgement Taste, Exclusive Style" Indulge with the luscious with the passionate taste of Strawberry and Cream and be sexy with the tempting taste of Caramel.

As the brand of the new generation, Pepsi follows the trend and style in their packaging, from the alternative/pop look on their regular Pepsi bottles and can, like in the Philippines where Bamboo endorses the product, and the renegade approach of Pepsi Max, Pepsi Deluxe caters on the fashion and trendy lovers who want to try the sweet sexy and luscious taste of Pepsi as inspired with Armani Exchange.

The look may be girly but the taste caters to all sweet lovers out their in the market.

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