Sunday, September 19, 2010

UA&P’s ViARE Presents Nick Joaquin’s May Day Eve on Sept. 27

ViARE, the theater organization of the University of Asia and the Pacific’s (UA&P) brings a Nick Joaquin’s May Day Eve in the Telengtan Hall of Apec Communication Building of UA&P in Ortigas Center, Pasig City and directed by two time Palanca Award Winner, JuanEkis. The play will run from September 27 until October 6.

Nick Joaquin’s May Day Eve tells the story of Agueda and Badoy whose curiosity during their teenage life leads them to their damnation. There was a story happens in the eve of May where the clock strikes before midnight. That anyone who goes in front of a mirror with a candle and recite an incantation to call for the face of the person who will they marry in the future shall reveal itself in the left shoulder of the person who wishes for it. But in case something during the ritual went wrong they will see the devil or the witch and their souls will be forever imprisoned in the mirror and live their life filled with bitterness and love unreciprocated to the person they destined to them. And the scenario that happens to Agueda and Badoy will continue until no one ceases his or her curiosity about the story of the May Day Eve.

Doing a Nick Joaquin sets to much expectations to anyone who will be presenting the story either in theater performance, movie and television. We all know Joaquin creations needs a stronger and in-depth interpretation so that the audience will see the vibrant and details of his creation. In the case of ViARE, it would be better that if they can get a bigger space where they can do their performance, or elevated area where audience can see the presentation clearly. I know that during the time when I watch their performance is part of their dry run, but I wanted to emphasize the importance of having a louder voice of the performers where the background sound is louder than theirs. Between gaps and when the set is pitch black, it doesn’t give anyone to have an excuse especially in the stage, the noise created by their shoes and movements in the set at they prepared spoils the mystery of the scene before it.

Too much technical and I know ViARE will be improving those things in their 2-week performance of May Day Eve. I wanted to commend the Old Agueda who did a wonderful job of putting emotions in her character where it is hard for anyone to be a stoned-like position while showing all the pain and tears. As for Young Agueda and they gypsy Anastasia/Ana for exerting energy in their character especially their awareness of the sounds that is louder than everybody’s voice and did adjustments in their part, it is hard to perform in a kind presentation where the location that doesn’t require microphones because of the intimate set up like in UA&P’s Telengtan Hall.

Over all, their presentation was good and some adjustment should be done in line with their actual performance on the 27th of September until October 6. ViARE’s presentation of May Day Eve is open also for non-students of UA&P check the details below.

Cast and ViARE’s Production Team:

Young Agueda: Erika Yuseco
Old Agueda: Frankie Pascua
Anastasia and Ana (gypsy family): Sara Badr
Stacy: Ysay Camus
Anastacia the daughter: Angel Yulo
Badoy: Joel Parcon
Voltaire: Joaquin Coromina
Third: Mio Borromeo
The Man (writer): Ian Amane and JJ Rimando
Director: Christian Vallez aka Juan Ekis
Asst. Director: JJ Rimando
Producer: ViARE

Ticket price is P250, for inquiry and ticket purchase contact Luis at (63 922) 929-3939 or email Here is the complete schedule of ViARE’s performance of May Day Eve:

September 27, 7 PM (Gala)
September 28, 7 PM (Gala)
September 29, 7 PM (Gala)
October 02, 7 PM (Gala)
October 4, 7 PM (Gala)
October 5, 7 PM (Gala)
October 6, 3PM and 7PM (Matinee and Gala)

Telengtan Hall, 5th floor Apec Communication Building University of Asia and the Pacific, Pearl Drive Ortigas Center, Pasig City.

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Ishmael Fischer Ahab said...

May Day Eve. I have read this story many times and still it is a good read. This is one of my favorite stories made by a Filipino author and surely a good source of story for a theatrical play.

Anonymous said...

X was my classmate a few years ago in some UA&P literature classes! I'm totally watching this! :)

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