Monday, March 10, 2008

Social Networking: Bridging its way to eBusiness

I'm not as SEO or Search Engine Optimization and eBusiness person but what's more important is how we market our blog and website to convert volume of visits to money. Aside from going to websites that offers free directory database one of the key to get the attention of web surfers is through social networking, there are several social networking that is out in the World Wide Web, for the likes of Friendster, Multiply, Facebook and Myspace is a social network at the same time a community portal where you can interact, share and exchange infos with those who added you in their portal.

But aside from a community social network portal the most common are those where you post the link, subject and post it on an specific category where others can Digg, add you in their Stuble, Delicios or Reddit bookmarks. There are widgets that have this kind of features where readers can actually post you in their social network list aside from booking you up in their bookmarks.

And the latest breakthrough with social networking is twitter, mybloglog and blog catalog and what's good is like in friendster and other community portal you can check out on who is checking on you like in twitter you can follow and let others follow you that's the same way with Blog Catalog and My Bloglog.

Social Networking helps you to reach out and advertise you blog for free and especially with those not familliar with your site for example if you are writing about Cheap Medicine Bill or like
Social Networking and eBusiness Conference Philippines 2008 event where i wanted to go on this two day event where we can learn more in depth yet easy tips about social networking and how we can convert it in a more on profit, speaking of "the event" how about checking for more information and join other bloggers and corporate website on a two day conference on Social Networking in cooperation with Digital Filipino Club and Fiera de Manila, Inc. to be held on May 20-21, 2008 Grand Ballroom, Hotel Intercontinental, Makati City.

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