Thursday, January 3, 2008


We are disappointed but not surprised by GMA-7's reactions to the discovery of TV ratings manipulation. It appears that they want to prevent the media from mentioning GMA 7 in connection with cheating in the ratings .

AGB-Nielsen Media Research General Manager Maya Reforma identified GMA-7 as the broadcast network behind the efforts that compromised panel homes in Bacolod.

Furthermore, in Reforma’s affidavit submitted to the Quezon City Regional Trial Court, she admitted that GMA-7 was involved in “tampering” with the panel homes and that "79 of the 532 homes interviewed from the 6 cities were confirmed by panel homes to have been exposed to efforts by GMA."

Let’s remember that the issue here is about having a clean TV ratings process, the reason we filed a civil case against AGB-Nielsen Media Research. Filing defamation charges against ABS-CBN diverts attention from the real issue. We are confident that the truth will come out.

We are waiting for a formal copy of GMA-7’s complaint so our lawyers can evaluate its merits.

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Anonymous said...

ABS-CBN is known to be cheaters. They cheated the full solar eclipse. They helped then Vice-President GMA to STEAL the seat from the then President Ejercito Estrada, and many more activities the public very well know.

GMA is known to be fair and 'serbisyong totoo'. During the People Power 2, GMA showed TRUTHFULLY how Erap left Malacanang as a President who FILED A SICK LEAVE. But ABS-CBN said Erap "resigned".

See the difference? ABS-CBN is the mumbo jumbo here not GMA. I do not like GMA7 but ABS-CBN should know their place.

This is only a desperate attempt of ABS-CBN and the Lopez Group of Companies to GAIN attention and money after all what's been happening with them.

Stampede, Willy's FILTHY mouth, the public knows the rest.

Lc said...

Anonymous said... kapal ng mukha mo, serbisyong totoo eh my mga ibidensya nga at nadokumento pa sa xxx at ang dami n pong testigo plus ung isang bahay pa n nainterview ni julius babao. Eh kung lahat ng mga kable ng AGB iinterviewhin eh d mas lalong nabuko ang kalokohan ng GMA-7 kaw talaga. Nagmamalinis lng 7 para d sila mabugo pero sorry madami n pong ibidensya ^^

Anonymous said...

anonymous: pray ko nalang na sana matapos na kasi apektado ang mga viewers ABS-CBN go I know na kau ang totoo what ever happen solid ABS-CBN kmi ng family ko. GOD BLESS

Anonymous said...

I don't like ebs for one reason only: I don't trust them.

Why? here are the reasons:

1. the inclusion of income tax as part of Meralco's operating expenses in order to justify their exhorbitant rate increases in electricity. That's why the Supreme Court ordered the refund of more than 30 billion pesos. The question: Did meralco refunded the 30 billion pesos in full? No. Many account holders have been disconnected and Many have already died. This is a real case of Fraud against the Filipino People.

2. Maynilad Bailout. An international arbitration commanded the lopeses to pay 8 billion for their backing out of the deal. In addition, the lopeses left liabilities amounting to over 19 billion pesos. Thats is more than 25 billion that will be shouldered by Maynilad Customers. Fuck you lopes.

3. Wowowee stampede. Murder death kill, self-explanatory.

If you can't see this, you're blind or numb.

Anonymous said...

avid fan ako ng abs -cbn. everywhere i go nacoconvince ko manood ng abs solid sa southern nnorthern luzon,mindanao and visayas ang abs.kulelat ang GMA dun....memorize namin ang palabas mula sa umaga hanggang gabi.di namin kilala mga artista sa GMA kc corny at mga OA.Kaso lang evry time manood me ng NEWS and other TV programs lalo pambata na Goin Bulilit, pinapakit ng abs lalo sa mga news na TV patrol na Bias sila,kinakampihan nyo po lalo ang opposition.Tingnan nyo kumakampi kayo kay Estrada,di ba po nakakahiya sya sa whole world.isang magnanakaw,babaero,convicted.sila cory pinatay nila mga tao nila sa hacienda, ganun din po si lacson,madrigal na conies ni marcos...etc.tingnan nyo muna ang kakampihan nyo. di ba po puro sila tulisan kaya po napapansin ko masyado kau bayas sa news reporting nyo.dapat neutral lang po kau.kc marami nanonod sa inyo boung pilipinas po.give two sides na patas ang pinapakita nyo.magaganda ang mga programs nyo po.pero dapat di nyo inaalaw na maging bias ang other programs para di lumipat ang mga viewers lao sa news. concern lang po me kc i really love abs-cbn kasi kau ang una na satellite sa whole philippines.sana mabasa to ng president of abs.lahat ng matataas na posisyon para malinawagan kau.

Anonymous said...

si ted failon lang ata di bias na news caster, si edu, khit may kinakampihan kau wag nyo masydo magpakita na kumakampi kau,sarilinin nyo na lang po kc marami nanoood sa inyo na di rin kumakampi kina estrada,lacson,madrigal, cory,de venecia,actually pare pareho lang ang mga yan, sakim sila sa kapangyarihan kaya po ala namna po tama sa mga corrupt na mga yan. alam natin lahat na evil sila. kaya dapat bias ang reports nyo. wag nyo pati ipakita sa tv yong nakakabuti lang sa kinakampihan nyo kundi buohin nyo estorya. si korina, ces drilon,masyado na po nila pinipersonal ang galit nila sa news eh. dapat po magtulongan tau n encourage the viewers to pray instead and be vigilant to what is happening in our society.wag lang yon kayo na lang nagcocomment sa tv personally.thanks for the changes in the future and sana makita na namin ang pagbabago sa news reporting nyo po

Anonymous said...

pwede ho ba ninyo gawing teleserye po ang the count of monte cristo...wish po namin mapanood sa prime time yan. thanks

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