Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Electolux Dynamica please save me from the doom of broom

Living in a tropical country like the Philippines, most of our furniture and floors are prone to dust and spider webs. We keep on cleaning and cleaning with our so ever reliable brooms and to be honest are they really that reliable? But of course I don’t want to question the quality of our locally made brooms that our moms usually include in their shopping list every time they go out of town like in Baguio. They have this craze in buying brooms in the market that comes in yellow, red, green, and pink or sometimes in multi-colors. But have we ever notice that it doesn’t clean the dirt and dust 100%, instead it leaves some particles of the broom every time we sweep the floor hardly. So good for cleaning…

I have to admit, I do help in household chores on the weekend which sometimes I rather wish to lock myself in my room and sleep all they. But of course, as a good son and member of the family I should do my part and most of that part is sweeping and mopping the floor. Sadly I can hardly sweep all the dirt in the floor because instead of it going directly to the direction you are sweeping and on the dust pan, particles holds on the broom and once you sweep again it falls on the floor. Instead of sweeping and mopping for less than less than an hour, you need to repeat all the routine by sweeping all over again. And all I can say, this is madness!

 I told you it's really madness!!!

Hoping a remedy, I saw Electrolux Dynamica, a broom like vacuum cleaner and its more efficient. Unlike other vacuum cleaner that you need to bend just to clean the floor, this one has an erected handle that has easy grip and easy to hold without bending. So if ever I had the chance to have Dynamica it will be a big help and will be bidding goodbye to the stressful sweeping and the back pain of bending to reach areas under the table and chairs.

So goodbye to the doom of the broom and hello to Dynamica the answer to all the prayers of housewives, housebunds and those who need to do house chores like me.

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Ruth said...

True, sweeping with a broom can give you back pains. BTW, I love the photo! :D

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