Sunday, March 27, 2011

Culinary Tourism: Cavite’s way to enrich their tourism

Last March 19, I was fortunate to join the Enriching Cavite’s Tourism at the Republic Of Cavite Restaurant in Trece Martires City, Cavite. As part of the CALABARZON (CAvite, LAguna, BAtangas, Rizal, and QueZON), Cavite has 19 municipalities and 4 cities and known with the authentic and gastronomic dishes that drives tourism in their province and this is what they called Culinary Tourism.

With their rich heritage and the seat of freedom, Cavite offers variety of stories about heroism and colorful culture which was shown through their monuments, landmarks, ancestral homes and even dishes. In Republic Of Cavite Restaurant their offer all kinds of dishes that Cavite is known and an ambiance that has cultural touch and very refreshing.

I had the chance to try the best dishes in Cavite thanks to Republic Of Cavite Restaurant in Trece Martires:

(Pritong Halo Halo with Ube / Republic Ice Cream)

 (Republic Chicken Barbecue with Peanut Sauce)

(Adobong Caviteno)

(Cavite Express)

 (Sinanglay na Pla Pla)

 (Kilawing Caviteno)

 (Sizzling Crispy Dinuguan)

 (Grilled Chicken Sinampalukan)

 (Onde Onde)

(Lihim ni Lola)

(Crispy Binagoongang Baboy)

(Pork BBQ with Peanut Sauce)

 (Crispy Pata Kare Kare)

(Grilled Eggplant Salad with Salted Egg and Pickled Mango)

I enjoyed the hot Cavite Express especially it contains seafood. But personal favorite among the dishes were the Crispy Binagoongan which is best partner with Grilled Eggplant Salad with Salted Pickled Mango something comforting to eat on relaxing weekend afternoon. And of course I cannot resist the Sininglay na Pla Pla that was fully shredded and rolled in pechay, you will love the sweet taste of the fish mixed with gata (coconut milk) and chili. As for deserts Oden Oden and Lihim ni Lola surprises me with the unique taste and the way it was presented. Oden Oden reminds me of Pichi Pichi but this time it has caramelized sugar inside that compliments to its starchy texture. I love Lihim ni Lola because first its has ube taste, kutchinta is my favorite rice based desert and like Oden Oden it has something inside it that compliments with the ube taste. Cavitenos knows who to create good dishes and knows how to make it more appealing to their diners.

And to compliment those delicious dishes and deserts is to have a cup of Barako Coffee and the best way to enjoy it is to be in a relaxing ambiance that Republic of Cavite has.

The Filipino cultured inspired interior gives the diners a warm comforting feeling of home while enjoying their food with friend and family members. While the external presentation of the area gives the feeling of being in zen or be with the nature, enjoying every bite in a quiet and cool breeze of outdoor dining in Republic of Cavite Restaurant.

Visit Republic of Cavite Restaurant at the City Hall Road, Brgy San Agustin, Trece Martires City Cavite and experience the delicious and delectable food that Cavite offers. For more information call (046) 686-7271, (046) 686-4837, or (046) 437-6055, email them at or and visit their website at

Fore more photos about Enriching Cavite Tourism event in Republic of Cavite Restaurant click here!

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