Saturday, January 8, 2011

Smart C+: Refreshing and Vitamin C-filled drink

In a cold weather like this, we are prone to have colds and flu and the best way to be immune it to have sufficient amount of Vitamin C in our body. Most of us resolve to vitamins sold over the counter, but recently I discovered the best way to have Vitamin C or Ascorbic Acid to my body by drinking Smart C+. Smart C+ is manufactured by Oishi and it is now available in all groceries and convenient store.

Smart C+ is like your favorite fruit drink that you can buy anywhere, but what’s good with it is that is has the sufficient amount of Vitamin C we need to fight colds and make our body strong. It comes in three flavors; Lemon Squeeze, Orange Crush, and Pomelo Grapefruit. Oishi ensures that for every bottle of Smart C+, we will enjoy the great rich taste of Lemon, Orange and Pomelo-Grapefruit because the refreshing healthy drink has no preservatives, zero artificial flavoring, and zero artificial sweeteners.

Known to be as Vitamin C rich drink, Smart C+ has a neutral taste which is not too sour and not too sweet. For example the Lemon Squeeze flavor which is my favorite Smart C+ drink, even though the 500 ml bottle contains more that 11 lemons it doesn’t have the strong sour taste that other vitamin c drink has. Which means Smart C+ goes beyond the idea of being Vitamin C drink that is usually sour and hard to drink.

Aside from the energy boosting benefits that Vitamin C offers which can be found in every bottle of Smart C+ is that enables the body to produce collagen, a protein essential that makes every cell of the body strong. When we talk about cells, it is the primary unit of body tissues that support our skin, bones and muscles making us to cope up with our work especially those who required skills and those who have active lifestyle.

Aside from the health benefits that Smart C+ offers is that I enjoyed drinking it whether it is chilled or in room temperature. To be honest, sometimes when I am busy doing thinks like work or blogging, I forgot my coffee beside me and the last think I know it’s already cold. It also happens in my other drinks that when the time I remember drinking it, it is no longer cold, and who wanted to have their refreshing drink that way. But with Smart C+, I can still enjoy the refreshing flavor, cold or not because of the authentic taste which has no artificial sweetener and flavor.

So next time, I will make sure that Smart C+ will be on my grocery list just to have a refreshing drink and vitamin c filled in one. For those who want to know more about Oishi’s Smart C+ visit and join their Facebook page

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Supplements said...

The difference with this vitamin water to others is that it focuses more on vitamin C, which helps prevent different health diseases.

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