Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Manila Nature’s Link introduces Malungai Life Oil

In line with the growing demands of everyone to attain healthy living, Manila Nature’s Link introduced Malungai Life Oil in the market. Malungai Life Oil (MLO) is an oil-based malunggay supplement that is rich with Vitamin C, calcium, anti-oxidants and amino acids.

Unlike other food supplements that’s powdered based, MLO can easily be absorbed by the body because it is in liquid form. It is encapsulated in a seaweed container that can preserve the freshness of the malunggay oil and can easily be digested.

Malunggay was been associated with healthy benefits, like higher energy, increased immunity, and helping to manage three of today’s main health concerns: blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol. According to MLO, the key to it all is chlorophyll, engine of the plant’s powerful conversion of energy. By distilling both seeds and leaves into a pure, cold-pressed oil, MLO maximizes malunggay’s chlorophyll and renders it, in the words of a medical expert, “preserved, conserved and available.”

Malungai Life Oil is safe and natural and it is available in packs of 10s and 60s, at Mercury Drug and other drugstores nationwide. For more product information, please visit

* The product doest have therapeutic claims.

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