Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Movie Review: The Green Hornet

It’s hilarious and the fight scenes were amazing. This is the first time I saw a movie that a sidekick really kicked some ass in the story. Sorry for the spoiler but Jay Chou who plays Kato in the Columbia Pictures’ 2011 remake of The Green Hornet looks like he was the lead rather than a support to Seth Rogen who plays Britt Reid and Cameron Diaz who played the role of Lenore Case. The Green Hornet is based from the radio program created by George W. Trendle and Fran Striker in 1930s and has its TV and comic book adaptation. The 2011 movie was directed by Michel Gondry and currently showing in all cinemas in regular and 3D format.

The superhero comedy film follows the journey of Britt Reid, a hero in a making and also the inheritor The Daily Sentinel (a Los Angeles family owned newspaper). With sidekick Kato who was his father’s former chauffeur and the person behind the transformation of their family car to battle vehicle along with gadgets, they are out to fight Benjamin Chudnofsky (Christoph Waltz), a Russian mobster controlling all the criminals in LA.

I saw some scenes of the TV program before which was re-aired in local television; I am referring the 1960s series. Unlike the series and the movie that was shown before, Kato has less speaking lines compare with the present; he is more as the shadow of Reid which was the opposite of the 2011 film. This year’s remake gives chance to show Kato not just a sidekick but a partner of the Green Hortnet of the film and how he brings Britt to be more ass kicking hero rather than a party animal in the story.

It is more of the introduction of the character; this is how Columbia Pictures brings the 2011 remake of The Green Hornet which includes the transformation and the first villain that they need to defeat. Good thing that it has a 3D version; it gives the viewers the chance to enjoy Kato’s fight scenes and the road chase. The comedy, gives an ice breaker from the seriousness of the film that tackles about crime and heroism. It is fun to watch and its best on 3D so check out The Green Hornet that is now showing in all cinemas nationwide, or should I say worldwide where US and Europe released it 4-5 days earlier in cinema.

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