Tuesday, August 31, 2010

First Philippine Industrial Corporation prioritizes safety in Makati City

Last July 21 the First Philippine Industrial Corporation (FPIC) responded on the report about the leakage of a petroleum-like liquid found at the basement of a building located at the OmeƱa Highway in Bangkal Makati City. FPIC during that time is confindent that it was not their pipeline that is seeping on the said basement, which their company also has in the said area that transports crude and refined petroleum from Batangas to Metro Manila. But in line with coordination with the Makati City local government and having safety as FPIC core value they participate on the 15 section excavation in front of the said building in order to secure the safety of the residence of the area that is directly affected of the alleged leakage.

Series of test was conducted by the local government in Makati City to trace the source of leakage and to ensure that the residence in that area especially the occupants of West Tower Makati where the seeping was found will be safe. Last August 18, Makati City Mayor Jejomar Erwin Binay Jr. announced that he will no longer revoke the occupancy permit of the West Tower Makati and declared the area safe. Along with this news the First Philippine Industrial Corporation pipeline was cleared as source of leak and continue its service in transporting crude and refined petroleum from Batangas to Metro Manila. FPIC had proved that having safety is their core value above profit where they participated in the said investigation and never neglects the wellbeing of people living over their pipelines.

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