Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Still just like manual election…

After my amazement on the poll automation system implemented by the Commission on Election, sadly it seems like we are all back in manual counting where he have election dramas here and there that slows the counting of ballots, along with the back to back, side and front issues on anomalies thrown by the opposing candidates and whistle blowers.

Just like a primetime drama, we have characters hiding on mask, and last minute revelations that contribute to the twist and turns of this election. According the whistle blowers they already know that there are cheating on the poll before election takes place on May 10 such as; the anomaly-ridden ballot-secrecy-folder deal; the buying of indelible ink that supposedly did not pass the requirements; the alleged intentional delay in the final testing and sealing of Precinct Count Optical Scan (PCOS) machines to allow cheating in the elections. (Posted on www.ABS-CBNnews.com) all were allegations thrown to the COMELEC

But one thing I want to know if they are aware on the said anomalies of election, why stating those concerns now? Before the election takes place and during the bidding, there are tons of media men during the selection process why they need to wait until after election if they really have concerns for clean poll? Honestly this post doesn’t side on the COMELEC, this post is hoping for a clear answers, everybody wants transparency. Maybe the next administration should look deeper on the system and policy making of COMELEC if they really want to clean the system after all election is not yet over after the proclamation we still have baranggay election on October and senatorial election on 2013, it isn’t time to clean the system of COMELEC following its tagline “protecting the sanctity of the ballot since 1940”.

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