Monday, June 14, 2010

Population of working students increases and...

Last night (June 13) in TV Patrol World they reported the increase of population of working students by 8% or 216,000, this was the data presented by the Commission on Higher Education. Most of the working students are in the field of food service, entertainment/sales industry and assisting job (student assistant, library assistant and research assistant). Students are forced to work in order to support their education but according to CHED only 50% of the working students finish college because of the four (4) reasons; lack of time, lack of focus, financial issues and health problem. Here is the report of Bernadette Sembrano-Aguinaldo last night in TV Patrol World:

Sadly, one of the major contributions to increase of the population of the working students is the inflation on tuition that affects much on the financial problems of families who can no longer afford to pay the cost of education. Some were forced to work to support their education while others were forced to drop out and work for their family. It alarming that aside from the issue of proper distribution of educational budget to public schools and quality education that affects much to the ability of the students is the dropping number of enrollees because of the financial problem.

I remember writing a blog entry before with a question Papasok ka ba ngayong Pasukan? (Are you going to school this year?), sharing my views on the drop of enrollment in schools because of families who can no longer afford to send their sons and daughters to school because of the increase on tuition, inflation on the prices school supplies and uniforms and even low salaries on teachers and lack of qualities on school facilities that also affects to learning of the students. The issue of education is long overdue and needs to be answered by the government. We saw what happen in Polythecnic University in the Philippines last March and April same in University of the Philippines, and it happened in other schools unfortunately it was not covered by media. But the idea I wanted to imposed on what happen to PUP and UP is that there should not be this kind of violence if only the government listen to the needs of the students that it is not time to increase tuition with the growing numbers of drop outs and families who cannot afford the tuition hike.

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