Friday, April 2, 2010

Clash of the Titans: A Crash(ed) Course to Greek Mythology?

March 30 l Makati City – In line with the official showing of Clash of the Titans on April 3 (Philippines/ April 2 International screening), Warner Bros Pictures (distributor) its supporters and media partners to watch the 3D version of the movie in Glorietta 4, Cinema 3. After the long wait and fascination on the videos, photos and teasers of the movie that is wildly spreading the internet especially in social media websites like YouTube, blogs and review websites. Louis Leterrier (director) and Sam Worthington (actor, Perseus), gives justice to the 1981 Clash of the Titan and Alan Dean Foster’s novel with the same title where the 2010 film was based.

The story of Clash of the Titans is not new to us especially with those in the academe and studying European literature particularly Greek and Roman mythology that has the same hierarchy of gods except with the name. The plot of the film is how Perseus, a demigod fulfills his oracle to save Argos and defeat the Kraken and the god of the underworld and used to be his uncle --- Hades (Ralph Fiennes). With the guide of his immortal father, Zeus (Liam Neeson) the god from Olympus and IO (Gemma Arterton), a demigod who follows him until he became an adult and ready to accomplish what the prophecy says, Persues faces a tough adventure to get Medusa’s (Natalia Vodianova) head that can only kill the Kraken and save the princess of named Andromeda (Alexa Davalos).

On cinematography the graphics is good along the camera angles but for those 3-D aficionados, the movie could not contain the possible expectation of this growing community because of the texture of the film, sepia to dark. But for non-3-D movie goers the visuals and the camera angles including the quality of the film compliments the fantasy-action packed content that the Clash of the Titans offers to those who needs adrenalin rush.

I am a fan of mythology, Greek, Roman and Norse even the local folklore here in the Philippines. It is essential to give emphasize on the characters especially for the Greek gods who plays significant roles in the life of their creations. I did saw the 1981 film, but sadly some scenes from the original was slashed in the 2010 remake making other gods in Olympus as insignificant to the story knowing that only Hades and Zeus are the only persons who talks in the story. The owl of Athena is shown in the film that plays important role to the quest of Perseus. There are several changes in the story; it was Poseidon, who creates the Kraken and not Hades, Queen Cassiopeia the mother of Andromeda compares the beauty of her daughter to Thetis the goddess of the sea and not to Aphrodite and it was Thetis who demands the sacrifice of her daughter and not Hades, and lastly IO didn’t exist in the 1981, instead it was Andromeda and Perseus became the King and Queen of Joppa. There are so many changes in the movie that makes it saturated and “historically” wrong for those who is into Greek mythology. But in the other hand for the non-followers of myth and who just wanted to enjoy the movie, screenplay is perfectly tailored to cater the movie goers who just wanted to see and enjoy the film without converging much with the in-depth philosophies of the action flick.

Battle of the Titans opens worldwide on April 2, and here in the Philippines it opens on April 3 in all cinemas, distributed by Warner Bros.

* Photos courtesy of Clash of the Titans (2010) l Warner Bros. Pictures l Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

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