Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Check out the new Hot Wheels Color Shifter

The new Hot Wheels Color Shifter series is now out in all toy stores nationwide with new designs and exciting transformation that toy collectors and kids will enjoy. Hot Wheels Color Shifter is a toy car that changes its color where even you bought one color, it will look that you have four cars because the toy changes its color. That goes the same way with Hot Wheels Creature Color Shifter; it is a toy car that has fierce power creature design that changes its color where it has 4 color transformations.

The color of the Hot Wheels Color Shifter series changes depending on the temperature; for example when it was dipped in cold water its color changes same thing when it was dipped in a hot water. The more extreme the temperature, the more color it changes. It will challenge the creativity of the children and toy collector on how they can create designs for their Hot Wheels Color Shifter toy to make it unique and colorful depending how they can play with the temperature.

Hot Wheels has continued to thrill us in innovation by providing us with the coolest and hottest die cast cars to play with. Hot Wheels Color Shifters is now available in the market.

Hot Wheels Color Shifters Power Creature is exclusively distributed by Richwell Trading Corporation and it is available in all department store and toy store nationwide.
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