Sunday, February 14, 2010

Knowledge Channel Foundation wants you to Lead the Change this 2010

On February 17, 2010 at the Rockwell Tent, The Knowledge Channel launches its new campaign that will help to elevate the status of education in the country especially in rural areas; the project is called Lead the Change 2010. The event is a gathering of social and community shakers and advocates who will help to formulate a big project that will help The Knowledge Channel to create a big plan that will support the education in the country by means of alternative education through media platforms. With Dr. Peggy Dulany Rockefeller, a philanthropist and a founder and chair of the New York-based Synergos Institute joining the evening discussion of the Lead the Change 2010 will be fruitful with her ideas and experience in her advocacy on youth employment and low-income housing and partnership with United Nation she will be sharing a lot that will nurture and give ideas to all supporters and partners of The Knowledge Channel. Lead the Change 2010 is open to all registration starts 6:00 PM on Feb 17.

Education, universal primary education to be exact ranks second from the United Nation Development Goals where in the case of the Philippines with the 93.9 percent stands on literacy rate 70% of those who enrolled grade 1 reaches grade 5 and it is alarming that the youth is either loose their interest on studies due to financial problem and lack of educational support such as classrooms, teachers, books and others. This is the major concern of The Knowledge Channel where they donate TV, educational program episodes and other online learning material that will support the students and teachers. Right now there 3 million children in over 2,000 public schools in 54 provinces that The Knowledge Channel is supporting because of the donations that everyone is giving to pursue this project.

Help provide a public school with Knowledge Channel educational kit and help the students learn through alternative education now!
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