Thursday, August 13, 2009

On free car media and paid to drive concept

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In India, the concept of free car media is set to launch under Toyota India that aims to sell cars but in a cheaper and affordable cost that people can afford to avail one. The car that is soon to be launched in India is not the usual car that we see where it is big and can manage number of volume of passenger. This time Toyota will release small cars that is affordable and easy to sell to consumers despite of the economic recession that India is facing where automobile industry is very much affected. While on the other hand paid to drive on a hot lane as low as $1 is now practice at the United States of America where more than 30,000 solo drivers is paying average of $1 to drive on the hot lane and avoid traffic which affects on the time and lessen the consumption of energy.

In India they practice the free car media that is implemented by Toyota will help their struggling economy that is facing global economic crisis, where in the USA paid to drive on hot lane helps to minimize the consumption of energy that on a fast lane that is not heavy on traffic.

In the Philippines right now the country is facing the possible inflation again on the price of gasoline and diesel that will not only affect the transportation group but also the consumers if the drivers pushes their demands on fare hike.
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