Sunday, May 31, 2009

The latest Mobile Revolution begins with the cheapest rate with Red Mobile

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Who says that you cannot have the best of both worlds? Not on Red Mobile where they offer the cheapest yet stylish phone with the cheapest/lowest call rates and text rates which everyone can afford. And now Red Mobile is not only for 3G (3rd Generation) phone instead its usability reaches the 2G phones where everyone will be sure enjoying this mobile network’s features a lot!

I’m sure na hook ka sa unique television ad ng Red Mobile, the one with the couple where while they are talking nag-pause ang boyfriend nya because nawalan ng signal, the commercial is humorous for others but it’s the stand of Red Mobile saying that hindi lang sapat ang unlimited call for a good mobile conversation, it’s the clear communication that matters, where Red Mobile offers with the cheapest/lowest call rates at 50 centavos per minute call, and that something interesting for the budget conscience like me.

Red Mobile offers affordable phones like Samsung J200, Motorola VE 538, Verzio Duplii, Nokia 3120 C, Red Mobile SPARK and Red Mobile FLAME. And now Red Mobile is compatible with 2G and 3G phones.

Last May 16, Saturday, at the SM Megamall, Red Mobile launches its Red Tag event, but its not only a red event for mobile users like me, instead it is a red day for all who wants to have the coolest phone in the market on the lowest rate but it has lots of mobile network features on it. Right now aside from the cheapest/lowest call rates that Red Mobile offers and expanded its features on 2G mobile phones. They release affordable phones with 3G features who want to have more than the usual sms and call features. Under the set of affordable phones that Red Mobile launches on their network where Samsung J200, Motorola VE 538, Verzio Duplii, and Nokia 3120c, and also Red Mobile introduces two of their branded mobile phones that will be a sure eye candy on the market, the Red Spark and the Red Flame. Red Spark is user friendly mobile phone with a pure 3G mobile phone that has basic sms and voice features and its price is P 3,690 while Red Flame is slim and stylish phone that is as low as P 4, 290 with a pure 3G features where you can do MMS and web browsing with 60 MB internal memory for downloading space, and what everybody like to have is that it has the capability of video calling aside from the sms and voice call features.

Red Mobile offers wide range of affordable phones with mobile network features that people can say that they can have both worlds and it’s within everybody reach.

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ONY said...

Red Flame yung 3G capable, right? is the memory expandable? i hope it is.

JD-Salinger said...

cool... at least my rivalries na naman ang mga telecom companies... for sure may next step na jan ang smart at globe

Sir Kramic said...

yes full 3g yung sparks at flame at exclusive yung phone models sa red at mura pa

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