Sunday, November 2, 2008

Yammer is not that YUM YUM for Micro-blogging Fanatics

In the height of Micro-blogging such as Plurk and Twitter. A new platform was created and intends to cater companies and work station. In short kung fan ka pagdating sa social networking where you are free to post anything like links of your latest post on your blog, dished you friends, post your negative reaction or simply make anyone notice you because you are have attention deficit disorder and you wanted to be on the limelight, well Yammer is not for you. Yammer was created as I mention it a tool for making companies ang organizations more productive through the exchange of one line answers, questions or status like "XXX is working on the draft presentation" or "Ned and Ardy Roberto releases marketing business solutions book" Yammer is more on a specific social network like an exclusive company like yahoo groups.

It's platform is like twitter, with a vertical timeline and the message field is located above the timeline. while on the right section where you can see the short profile, short list of followers and groups.

Yammer was founded by former executives and early employees of PayPal, eGroups, eBay, and Tribe. It is backed by venture capital firms Founders Fund and Charles River Ventures. And the website is for free like twitter and plurk but if the a company wishes to get a certain group's admin tool the price would be available for negotiation.

As for social networking freak like me, Yammer as micro-blogging tool may not cater most of the internet savvy people, but it may actually help in a company/work perspective to lessen email bandwith, walking from table to table asking updates, and ear ringing phone calls, instead being update is just a click on a refresh button right a way.

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Gaurav said...

I want to bring to your attention

Emote is a concept of sharing emotions, built over microblogging; with a beautiful timeline.

emote is a microblogging service; which is a platform to -
1. broadcasting and sharing your emotions with your family, friends and to the entire world.
2. Make yourself heard, comment on news, stories and current affair.
3. Share your experiences, memories and events with your friends and family.
4. Connect with different people with similar emotional attributes as yours.
(ex: if atrocities on animals make you sad, connect with others who share the same feeling)
5. Jot-down your experiences. You usually have so many things to say - a constant stream of thoughts, comments and observations running through your head continuously.

6. A wonderful TIMELINE that arranges your messages in a chronological order date by date.
(A prominent micro-blog reviewer thinks so!)

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