Thursday, July 24, 2008

I'm a Geek and I should be on IMMAP!

I’m not a 100% business minded person but I like the idea of cultivating technology for bigger use aside from communication, but more on channels that addresses specific needs of its users. Like services and products that is just a click away for its clients.

I am a geek by heart and if I had chance to join It’s All Geek to Me! The 2nd Internet and Mobile Marketing Summit 2008 on August 13 to 15 at Hotel Intercontinental, Ayala Avenue, Makati City. I would love to ask David Jones of Friendster (personally on how they come up an idea on creating versions of Friendster for a specific audience such as Mandarin speaking country and others. How risky to do that and how does it affect their over market strategies.

Also I would like to learn on the protocols and ethics on the deeper world of e-life and web 2.0. What attitude should a beginner possess in engaging to different online and mobile marketing strategies and advertising landscapes? I know that the Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines (IMMAP) has lots to say to its workshoppers on that day, and I wanted to know those things a lot.

From the mobile and online titans like Yahoo, Globe Telecom, Google, Smart Communications, Philstar and Yehey., I would like to know how aggressive they are in making their services and products compete in digital arena, and how they secure themselves in terms of competitiveness and standards that may secure a prominent spot on The Boomerang Awards 2008, and I'm sure Yehey and Smart Communications has a lot to share as finalist of last years event.

As for Dentsu-Indio, Mobile Marketing Association, Digital Media Planning and Buying (DGM) and Proximity, I would like to know their insights on the different online and mobile marketing strategies, from choosing their possible clients, branding their products and how they promote and sell it to the digital world. More I want to know the behavior of the mobile and online users, how they act, think and decide from what they think and what they possibly buy.

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Hello Flowell. Congratulations! I hope you can email me for proper claiming.

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