Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Separation of state and church: is there a such?

Saan na ang limitasyon ng gobyerno at ang simbahan sa panahon ngayon? Kung tatanungin mo ako dalawa lang ang masasagot ko dyan it's either wala o magulo. As of now the government is weak and divided by means of belief, power and political gain. During the height of the ZTE broadband scandal where Jun Lozada and Joey De Venecia comes out to the open and reveals their knowledge about the said scandal it marks a big issue not only wounded the government but it separates the faithfuls also. The issue of morality takes place where unfortunately the church right now is thorned between who are pros and who are antis.

But despite to this moral apprehensions in the government the divided church from the pros like CBCP issued a statement on government transparency and calls for the truth yet they haven't mention anything striking like in the days of the late Jaime Cardinal Sin. Cardinal Sin, a political figure who persuades the people to come out from the darkness of martial law and started street parliamentary known to be EDSA revolution. But Cardinal Sin lives no more where only Bishops like Oscar Cruz is firm with the call for the resignation of the president they once positioned in the office.

Divided and wounded, that is how I describe the present stage of the country where people is thorned between their civil rights and the call of their belief despite of the virtue imposed by the Church who still have a week stand concerning the issue. I hope the warning on taxing the church didn't silence their conviction of spreading the quest for truth that changes to a safe campaign rather than a turning point like with the late Cardinal Sin.

Bishop Cruz 'z statement on not giving communion to the sinners strikes an idea of putting President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo on a spotlight with a banner she is a sinner. But on a latter days of this issue Bishop Cruz corrected his statement yet it doesn't stop several administration politicians on asking for his sanction from his colleagues in the CBCP. Aside from Bishop Oscar, the members of the Jesuits Fathers is asking their church members to push their congressmen and representative to support the campaign against PGMA.

Quoting the Philippine Constitution, "
The separation of Church and State shall be inviolable." (Article 2, DECLARATION OF PRINCIPLES AND STATE POLICIES, Principles, Section 6) But in the present setting of the country this doesn't happen. From politicians using the church vote in favor for their political gain and Church opposing against political exercises like making sex education as part of public school curriculum.

The topic and debate is wide and broad but one thing we should know that where to stand despite of the mumbling thought that am I holding for my civil responsibility or am I standing with my religious affiliation.

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read it: Is the Catholic church, a True Church of God?

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