Sunday, April 13, 2008

Post Graduation Syndrome

- not all things that your teachers feed you is something you can use in the out side world.

Been there, been that, I have lots of ideas when I left school four years ago, yet cycle continues graduates now is becoming more idealistic rather than to be practical. I, myself have dream job and salary before and that is the fact that I hide my plans before I marched last March 2004 in CCP, where like others who practical I gave my handful of resumes to companies whom I hoping to be hired including the one I am working right now. I couldn't tell my other college friends that I had plans ahead of graduation, and I am sure they had plans more than I am planning and that was enjoying the summer breeze and tanning on the side.

I had enough of those things in my college life and I wanted more where I can benefit much, on longer term, well as the story goes, got my first work and I am having right now still before graduation, and that is the reason of my secret disappearance during the last few weeks before graduation and I didn't inform my friends.

Now, seeing graduates both practical and those enjoying summer breeze, one thing is common they are to ideals in terms of their plans and goals in life not to mention the salary. I remember someone telling me that there was a graduate asking for a 15, 000 pesos salary knowing that he/she is only a fresh graduate comparing that salary is we'll in my almost four years of working along with the frustrations and headaches still I could not avail to buy a car that is exclusive for my self, especially the one I am craving actually I am not into design and looks but with engines like Honda launches VCM 643 it is so cool. But still I can’t afford to buy one.

Being idealistic is nice, especially kung bibo ka sa klase not all would like that manners in the interview aside from the salary you are asking. One thing I learn is that don't put anything in your resume because you are giving a venue for lots of questions.

But I am sad of hearing the news that there are thousands who graduated yet the number of vacancies are few and unfortunately it doesn't cater other courses. Wish the government resolve that problem soon unless they are used with brain drain and unemployment despite of so many warnings.

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