Saturday, November 24, 2007

Ploning: ang pangako, pag-ibig at pag-asa sa mata ng isang bata.

Ploning is the story of one woman's promise, her hope and love from the point of view of a young boy.

Present time. Having lived aboard an illegal Taiwanese fishing vessel for as long as he can remember, 30-plus year old Filipino Muo Sei (meaning "Moses", son taken out of the water), grew up to be a man of brokenness, unpredictable temper and solitary loneliness. Until one morning his boat docks into the shores of Cuyo, Palawan. His adoptive Taiwanese father risks being caught and summons him to find "Ploning" before the sun sets, in the hopes of dealing with his past and changing his ways. No one knows who or what "Ploning" is to Muo Sei and no one has ever dared to ask...And so his search begins...

Muo Sei tours the island, observes the people and place as an outsider, and finally revisits his memories, baring how much he has been part of Cuyo and the life of a woman named Ploning.

1980's. The past comes to life and 30-year old Ploning is revealed as the island's enigmatic belle who cared for 7-year old Digo - short for Rodrigo, Muo Sei's real name - as her own. She is a woman who the town knows as keeping true to the promise of waiting for her beau, the young town hero who has for Manila more than a decade ago. This set her as both exemplary and rumor magnet. But one thing is common, everyone wants to marry her off. And Digo discovers Ploning's plan to leave for Manila. Thus threatened by the sudden prospect of losing Ploning, Digo devices ways to keep her from leaving and gets her to make a promise.

Did Ploning choose closure with the man she has been waiting for half her life or the future of young boy whose life is not her own?

Old pains of rejection and unanswered questions are relived, as backdropped by an ironically beautiful milieu and a community of townspeople who are enamored and affected by the life and love of Ploning.

In Digo's eyes, Ploning is likewise revealed as a dutiful daughter to patriarch Susing, a committed supporter to grieving Intang, an honorary sister to extended family Nieves and Toting a wise ally to simpleton Alma, a co-mother to half-paralyzed Juaning, a dear friend to ailing nurse Celeste, an object of desire to young lad Siloy and a foe to Digo's older brother Veling.

In the end, a secret is revealed to Rodrigo that awakens him into a love he has forsaken and misunderstood. Thus the healing that comes from forgiveness springs forth into his hardened heart.

Will Rodrigo finally choose to accept love or continue to walk in hate?

Panoramanila Pictures' initial offering, PLONING. A film that will be shot in Cuyo, Palawan, Philippines
, visit the official website:

Ang Sa Wari: After falling inlove with Maximo Oliveros, enjoing the sceneries of Donsol and feeling the pain of Ang sa aking pagkamulat, in the Summer of 2008, kikilalanin ko ang babaing nagngangalang Ploning at makikibalita sa batang pinangakuan niya ng pag ibig at pag asa. Another digital film and Panoraminila Pictures' first project this 2008, the movie will teach us on how to believe and hope to a love that was taught to a child until he brought to his adolescence. To my colleague a former co-worker in Star Cinema, Guia, Goodluck!


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guia said...

Hey, thanks Flow! You're the best!

By the way, Ploning is a 35mm movie (not digital).

See you around!


Ploning said...

more about ploning

Ploning said...

We just uploaded the new Ploning Teaser HD format. Watch it here

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