Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Mariannet Amper's Diary

Article from ABS-CBN.com

"The diary of Mariannet Amper in The Correspondents

The whole nation was shocked with the news of a 12-year old girl who committed suicide. Marianet Amper tragically hanged herself with a thin nylon cord inside their home in Davao on November 2nd. It was later found out that the girl killed herself because of the impoverished state of her family. Marianet left her diary and a letter which she failed to send to a TV show. Her depressing story was then sensationalized by media, drawing various reactions from the local and national government. Malacanang expressed its apology on what happened to Mariannet, while the local officials in Davao blamed one another for their inadequacy in addressing the problem of poverty in the province.

But according to Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, no family in his city is in deep hunger. This urged an investigation into what really happened to Marianet. An autopsy conducted after the exhumation of Mariannet's body revealed that there was foul play surrounding her death and that signs of sexual assault were found. Could a young girl like Mariannet really kill herself because of poverty?

On November 27th, join Abner Mercado in a quest to find the truth behind Mariannet's death. The Correspondents look into how the powerful media is, this Tuesday night right after Bandila."

Ang Sa Wari Ko: Malaking katanungan pa rin ang pagkapatay ni Mariannet Amper, isang kabataang biktima maaari ng media na naging mapusok sa pagbabalita o maaari rin isang tinig na nagsasalaysay ng kanyang paghihikahos sa buhay. Media man, personal, pamilya o maging gobyerno man ang may sala, isang malaking paalala ito na mayroong hindi magandang nangyayari sa lipunan na dapat bigyan ng kaagarang solusyon, matagal pa ang 2010 para magmadali sa pangangampanya, pulitika at turuan kung sino ang may kasalanan.

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