Sunday, July 3, 2011

Figaro introduces 100% Filipino-made Herbal Tea products

Being a 100% Filipino owned coffee shop, Figaro Coffee Company expanded their line of beverages by adding tea products. Their latest tea flavors is made naturally from herbal plants that is common here in the Philippines and really good for the health. I had the chance to try all four new flavors and at the last part of this post I’ll be sharing which will be probably my usual order if ever I drop by in Figaro to have my warm cup of tea.

Figaro Sambong Blend. It’s common among Filipinos to have colds due to sudden change of weather. And a warm cup of Sambong tea can be at help to ease clog nose, headaches and sneezing that comes with colds. It can also cure kidney stones where it helps the person go to the wash room and secretes toxins and excess salts in the body that cause urinary problem. The Sambong leaves were dried perfectly for every tea bag and mixed with fragrant basil and lemon flavors to make it more enticing and relaxing to drink especially on a stressful afternoon at work that gives us migraine.

Figaro Lagundi Blend. Aside from colds, cough is also a common health problem among Filipinos. Because of dry weather, that leads to excessive perspiration and dusk that we usually inhale that leads to common cough, bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis and pharyngitis. It was only Lagundi leaves that is known to be effective herbal medicine to cure this respiratory diseases, that is why there are so many commercialize medicines capitalizes on this plant. For every tea bag comes with dried Lagundi leaves mixes with orange and mint flavor to give a cool citrus taste that relaxes our mind and gives comfort in every sip.

Figaro Pito Pito Blend. For those who had chance to know the famous weather reporter and genius Ernie Baron we will know what is Pito Pito all about. This herbal medicine as comprises of seven herbal plants namely: alagaw, banaba, bayabas, pandan, mangga, with half teaspoon of anise and cilantro. It is known to be a remedy to most of diseases as it washes down toxins in the body. All the Pito Pito ingredients is carefully mixed and placed on a Figaro teabag and mixed with dill and sweet mango to bring out that sweet aroma to make it a perfect drink after meal.

Figaro Banaba Blend. Known to be a herbal medicine that lowers blood sugar among diabetic patient and also a remedy for kidney stones and wounds. Banana promotes healthy blood circulation to those who drinks the broth of its boiled leaves and roots. And with Figaro, the Banaba leaves and roots were dried perfectly and carefully placed in a tea bag so that when dipped in hot water all its goodness will be entirely infused in the water. To make it more comforting and taste better Figaro mixed it with tarragon, anise and grape flavor.

Figaro Herbal Tea Blends can be bought in box of 15 tea bags and cost P450. For those who wanted to try and order it in Figaro coffee shop; 8oz cost P85 while 12oz cost P105. Among the four blends, Banana tea is the one that go well with my taste buds. To be honest it is more blueberry or strawberry taste and aroma rather than the grapes and anise, or maybe the blending of the smell of the two along with tarragon gives that sweet and comforting smell and taste and eliminates the leafy taste of Banaba.

Aside from the herbal tea, Figaro also launches four coffee blends that is available in bean forms for now which buyers must have their own coffee grinder and maker to try the strong taste and aroma of this new coffee products. The four new coffee includes; Café Maharlika (P270), Monte Alto (P260), Barako Gold (P280) and Café Vigoroso (P260). All Figaro products are now available in all their branches nationwide. For more information visit

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