Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Watsons Pharmacy and Unilab promotes proper antibiotic use

In line with the birth of “superbug”, a deadly antibiotic resistant bacterium that was developing due to misuse and abuse of antibiotics that leads to the creation of resistant strains of bacteria. It is very common to everyone that we often self medicate without right and proper prescription from our doctors. While others, they don’t comply with the right dosage and days of taking the medicine, with this the bacteria inside our body which we though already banish after three to four days of taking antibiotics but the truth is it still inside us and it’s trying to recover itself. The right length of using antibiotics is at least 7 days and dosage is based from the doctor’s prescription.

Most of the reasons that patients give is that it’s either they wanted faster relieve that they increases the dosage of their antibiotic intake or the reason why they end their medication is that they already felt relief. While others it was financial problem that hinders them to continue their medication which most of the antibiotics were expensive.

With these concerns, Watsons Pharmacy and Unilab team up to create a Compliance Pack that will sell complete dosage of antibiotics like the common Amoxicillin in a very affordable price. The compliance pack is 40-60% cheaper than other brands and contains information on its packaging on the right information of taking antibiotics and the harm of misusing it. Prevention and proper education is better than cure, so know the right information of taking medicine and benefits of proper prescription.

Unilab Compliance Pack is sold exclusively in all Watson’s Pharmacy.

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