Friday, June 10, 2011

Smoke-Free Policy of Starbucks begins on June 27

It is true; Starbucks Philippines will be imposing a non smoking policy in the store nationwide in support of Tobacco Regulation Act of 2003 (RA 9211). Where it says in the section 5:

“The sale or distribution of tobacco products is prohibited within one hundred (100) meters from any point of the perimeter of a school, public playground or other facility frequented particularly by minors.” (RA 9211 Sec.5)

In this case Starbucks branches are usually located near to schools and malls where minors and students usually hang out with their friends and family members

MMDA also implemented non smoking policy in public areas such as main roads, schools and public/government offices. For those who failed on this ordinance, violators will be fined or will do community service on a determined time. The main objective it protect non smokers from the impact of second smoking to the health. On the 27th of June Starbucks Philippines will be converting the smoking area to non-smoking area too. In the case of RA 9211 Sec.5 offenders will be fined 5,000 pesos or imprisonment of maximum of 30 days for first offense, and for succeeding offense the business licenses or permits of the establishments that allow this or neglect to follow the law will be canceled.

With the new policy of Starbucks Philippines, it may lead them to decline of clients because some of them were smokers and find the café as hang out with friends and co-workers. But with this brave step that Starbucks did on implementing Non Smoking Policy, I salute them and I hope that they will stick on their belief and principles without thinking more of the profit but for following the laws and protecting the non smoking population.

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1 comment:

Ulysses Dorotheo said...

I'm sure Starbucks will not lose any money. People go to Starbucks for Starbucks products. Everything else is just additional. Kudos to Starbucks!

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