Thursday, June 16, 2011

Green Lantern: Soaring high in theaters near you!

It is finally here! DC Entertainment and Warner Bros Pictures bring another comic book superhero in the big screen and this time it is Green Lantern. Based from the DC Comics character with the same name, the film was directed by Martin Campbell and starring Ryan Reynolds playing the role of Hal Jordan.

Like other heroic story, the film follows the journey of Hal Jordan one of the finest test pilot of United States Air Force burdened by an incident from the past. He was chosen by the ring to replace Abin Sur, the previous owner who was severely wounded after Parallax, a former guardian who attacked him. Hal gained the power that the ring possessed and must also win the respect of the Green Lantern Corps because they see humans as weak links as he battle Parallax alone.

Like any other movie adaptations, Green Lantern undergone some story changes which for most of the followers it gives them a negative impression of the movie. According to some of my friends who were comic book aficionados like Parallax was not actually a guardian along with other scenes that is not the same from the comic book.

But of course for the non-comic book readers, the way the movie is presented it looks like GL (Green Lantern) 101, showing how Hal Jordan uses his powers and inserted himself to the corps who only have little respect for humans. It also shows that Sinestro (Mark Strong) was a great Green Lantern leader before he was consumed by the yellow lantern ring that was forged by the guardians hoping it will stop Parallax. But of course movie goers will be surprise how the monster like Parallax who feeds in the fear of every creature in the universe will actually die in the story.

Green Lantern movie defies almost all the super hero policy and that is keeping their identity. Almost all of the humans that surround him got to know him or actually revealed himself before the actual fight scenes. Wait for those expecting fight scenes in the movie, this is not the typical hero movie you will be expecting same thing with the X: Men First Class it is more on the familiarization of the characters so it means it is more of the talking rather than the action that most of us will be expecting. But of course, DC Entertainment and Warner Bros Pictures would not allow us leave our seats without enjoying the visual effects and the breath taking visualization of Oa, the planet where the Green Lantern Corps and the Guardian of the Universe lives.

Green Lantern also stars Blake Lively, Peter Sarsgaard, Tim Robbins, Taika Waititi and with the voice of Geoffrey Rush and Michael Clarke Duncan. The film is now showing in all cinemas world wide available in 3D, 3D IMAX and regular format.

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Thunderbird Casino said...

it was an awesome movie. I enjoyed it. I watched it yesterday... It was better that the movie Thor.

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