Friday, June 24, 2011

Coca Cola & WWF unveil the first “Plant Billboard” in the Philippines

In line with the Live Positively advocacy of Coca Cola, they unveil the first “Plant Billboard” in the Philippines in partnership with WWF-Philippines. The said billboard was uncovered last June 23 at the Northbound EDSA-Forbes in Makati City. Present in the unveiling were Coca-Cola Ambassador Enchong Dee, President and General Manager of Coca-Cola Philippines Guillermo Aponte and WWF Philippines CEO and Vice Chariman Lory Tan.

The 60 x 60 ft “plant billboard” that has the Coca Cola Live Positively and WWF logo along with the iconic Coke bottle surrounded by Fukien tea plant, which absorbs air pollutants. According to Anthony Gao, a botanist, he mentioned that each plant (Fukien tea) can aborb up to 13 pounds of carbon dioxide in the air on the average. With the size of the billboard and the numbers of Fukien tea plants on it there are possibilities that it can absorb up to 46,800 pounds of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere which is a big help in stopping air pollution in the area. Aside from minimizing air pollution, the billboard also promotes recycling where the 3,600 pots that hold the Fukien tea plants were recycled old bottles of various Coca-Cola products. These bottles were filled with a potting mixture made up of a combination of industrial by-products and organic fertilizers—a formulation that is stable and light-weight. These bottles were also designed to contain the plants securely and to allow the plants to grow sideways. Additional holes were made for proper drainage and for holding the drip lines in place.

Aside from that drip irrigation system was used to distribute water efficiently to the plants to avoid wastage of excess water and dripping of fertilizers. This system is also known as the trickle irrigation or micro-irrigation where water is directly distributed to the roots to absorb, the mechanism used was a network of valves, pipes, tubing and emitters.

So next time if you passed by at the Northbound of EDSA-Forbes in Makati check out the first “Plant Billboard” of Coca Cola and WWF and maybe soon another billboard like that in other part of EDSA or maybe in South and North Luzon Expressway. To know more about Coca-Cola Philippines and WWF, please visit their websites at and

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Anonymous said...

This is wonderful! Thanks for letting us know about it! +)


Batang Negros said...

This idea is very cool. But let us not only look at their million-dollar marketing stunts. Let us also look their business ethics and trade practices. We hope more and more people will spread this truth also.

Sverige said...

I love Coca Cola. I wish they would make Coca Cola seltzer--no added sugar or artificial sweeteners. I would guzzle the stuff by the gallon.

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