Friday, June 24, 2011

It’s the typhoon season once again…

(Knee-level flood in our street)
For a person who grew in Malabon City, it is common for us to see floods every time heavy rains come. But from Typhoon Rosing, Frank, Milenyo, Ondoy, Pepeng and now Falcon, things became worse. From the usual ankle up to below the knee length water raises from up to the waist level and up. We saw the wrath of Ondoy that brings disaster in Rizal, Marikina, Pasig, Navotas, Valenzuela and other parts of Metro Manila in other parts of the country. Now Falcon and Egay, two typhoons that came with less than two weeks brings heavy rains and strong winds that cause floods and trees to fall in the street. With Falcon the rain starts as early as 9am and while I am writing this and maybe as I publish this one it is still raining.

(My leg and don't be intimidated with the complexion)

In other part of the Philippines like in Cotabato and some of regions in Visayas and Mindanao, Egay and Falcon also brings heavy rains that brings flood and drowned some of the rice crops and other vegetables that is the main source of living for farmers. Some were forced to leave their homes and go to evacuation area for safety. But the sad part is that because of two typhoons came in succession families who went to evacuation area were not fully prepared. Even some of the local government doesn’t have sufficient food and aid to cater the needs of the families in the evacuation area.

(Our storage area, imagine the flood water below knee level)

There may be lacking of food and aid, but one thing I appreciate in terms of Filipinos facing the wrath of nature like earthquakes and typhoon is that they never stop hoping. While I am doing this post, my family stays at the second floor of our house waiting for the water to subside. While some of our neighbors were busy chatting and laughing outside throwing away flood waters outside from their houses. As I concluded this blog post and go back to cleaning, in a midst of disaster like typhoon, we may encounter floods, heavy traffic, strong winds and heavy rains but in the end being resilient as a Filipino makes us stand once again after falling once awhile. We all know what caused flooding, aside from being at the low area and that is through garbage dump improperly, so we know what to do next time. For the flood prone area it is better to be ready have a bag that contains important things needed when the time of typhoon requires us to evacuate. We should not blame or look at the government alone in times of disaster or calamity like this. We should act on our own too after all like as I always say, if we want change things to happen in the society, let us be part of it and not by ranting alone. I hope everyone is safe in their homes with their family and be safe always.

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ingat sa baha at sa ihi ng daga.. scary ang baha...ingat ulit

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