Monday, May 2, 2011

Water for Elephants: A story of love, friendship and fulfilling a dream

20th Century Fox and Warner Bros Pictures brings to the big screen a romantic drama film based on Sara Gruen's historical novel Water for Elephants. Directed by Francis Lawrence, the film adaptation stars Oscar winning actress Reese Witherspoon with Robert Pattinson and Christoph Waltz. Water for Elephants will be showing in all cinemas nationwide beginning May 4, 2011.

Set in 1931, Water for Elephants follows the journey of Jacob Jankowski (Pattinson) after the untimely death of his parents and ends up as a stow away at the train of the Benzini Brothers. Being a veterinary science undergrad, Jacob uses his skills in taking care and understanding the animals used by the Benzini Brothers in their circus performance in order to stay and live. He met August Rosenbluth (Waltz), the owner Benzini Bros and his wife Marlena (Witherspoon), who was the main attraction in the circus. Love blooms between Jacob and Marlena, with the help of Rosie e dignified and graceful elephant who was also the hope of the Benzini Bros to bring back the fame and glory.

I read Sara Gruen's novel, and after seeing the movie it gives me a better picture on how the circus was built from the hammering of the nails, putting up the tents and pillars, it was amazing seeing those details in the film. As for the characters, Witherspoon did a great job in giving life to the graceful and fragile Marlena who always wanted to be the center of attraction, but made strong and cunning like his cruel husband August because of love. Lost soul, that is the character of Jacob which was played by Pattinson, yes he may look like one but I always noticed the silver-like complexion that reminds me of his role in the Twilight Saga. But that’s the role of Jacob, mysterious and so much in love with Marlena. I am so much amazed on how the movie gives emphasize on the very essential aspect of the novel and that it giving a human-like character to Rosie.

Water for Elephants is a kind of movie perfect for couples, family and friends where it focuses on three aspects, love, friendship and courage to fulfill ones dream. It was great that 20th Century Fox and Warner Bros Pictures will be distributing this film nationwide beginning May 4.

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