Monday, May 23, 2011

National Geographic Channel to air Philippine made mini-series "Street Smart"

National Geographic Channel brings the fist-ever Philippine produced mini-series entitled Street Smart. The mini-series that will tackle to colorful Filipino culture and it will be hosted by Live Curious ambassador Mitzi Borromeo. On the first wave of the series that will be showing on the 3rd quarter of the year, will center on the Filipino appetite; their love for food and how it was connected to different traditions and culture.

Right now the Philippine team of NGC headed by said Jude Turcuato, Fox International Channels territory director in partnership with Ajinomoto Philippines Corporation in cooperation with Collezione-C2 already created three episodes of Street Smart. Already produced episodes include; “Sinisintang Chibog” (Food Beloved), Flavors of Our Lives, and Chibog Chismis (Food Rumors).

“Sinisintang Chibog” (Food Beloved) – features the so called love affair of Pinoys to their favorite food. This episode interviews three food lovers and including their food preferences like the sweet-tooth Tania Vaca-Son, vegetarian Corey Wills, and meat lover Alex Lizot-Garcia. From the confessions of the three foodie, Street Smart experts on the science of food, diets, and nutrition like psychiatrist Dr. Norieta Balderrama, registered nutritionist and dietician Sabrina Batac, anthropologist Dr. Francisco Datar, cultural guide Ivan May Dy, food writer Mol Fernando, surgeon Dr. Jeff Inciong, and artist, chef, and food and travel writer Claude Tayag share’s their opinion and views regarding how the food we take and love affects our health and way of living.

Flavors of Our Lives – the second episode of Street Smart investigates in the science of flavors as they explore what happens to our bodies when we savor food inside and out. The episode also looks deeper where our preferences for taste begins and how our sensory distinguish different flavors.

Chibog Chismis (Food Rumors) – lastly, on the third episode of Street Smart, the team investigates on different food rumors and separate the facts from the myths. They will feature 5 stories from the rumors that mislead most of the food lovers as they venture in different kind of foods and flavors.

Street Smart will be showing soon on National Geographics Channel and hosted by Mitzi Borromeo. NGC is owned by National Geographic Television (NGT) and FOX Entertainment Group along with the other five NGC related channels like National Geographic Channel HD, Nat Geo Wild, Nat Geo Wild HD, Nat Geo Adventure and Nat Geo Music. For more information visit

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