Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day eCards by World Food Programme

As we celebrate Mother's Day, I would like to share a real scenario happening not only in Africa and Middle East but all so in most part of the world and it connects to all mothers. I am talking about the global concern about hunger. I most of the countries found in the continents I mentioned, there is a current situation of child hunger and when we talks about children, mothers are very much involve on it. This is where mothers come in as front liners of hunger.

The greatest role of a mother is to supply the needs of her children and nurture them with love and care to make them grow healthy, confident and strong. In areas like in African countries mothers extensively performed that duty, with drought and lack of food in their community they end up sacrificing the food that they should be eating, instead they give it to their children. In some part of Middle East, women embraces danger particularly mothers every time they gather fire woods in the dessert which they use for cooking meals. Some of them die because of dehydration due to the scorging heat of the sun, others by snake bites and wild animals and some is through violance which the culprits are the rebels hiding in the dessert. This is the real situation among women as they continue surviving not only for themselves but for their family.

For every dollar or peso we spend on buying expensive gifts, chocolates and bouquet of flowers, that particular amount can be more helpful to at least 4-5 mothers. I don't want to be a kill joy by posting this blog entry. All I wanted is giving a bigger opportunity for others on how they can maximize Mother's Day to make it meaningful.

I hope, I am still getting your attention about this concern. World Food Programme is working on a Woman for Woman campaign im order to raise funds to support women especially mothers. The humanitarian relief organization of the United Nations, brings back their Mother’s Day e-Card, for every e-cards you send and donate to World Food Programme you can help the women in Bolivia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Sierra Leone, Afghanistan and other parts of Asia, Middle East and Africa to help them giving their children a nutritious meals and fellow mothers who are pregnant a support during their pregnancy. Aside from the nutritious food is that it also helps them in support with their small business and livelihood programs that will help them earn for their family. The livelihood program includes trainings and materials where they can start a new life for the family. To check out World Food Programme Mother’s Day e-Card visit

Be part of the global campaign against hunger and help mother’s who are front liners of hunger. Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers and those who stood up as mothers in their community and organizations.

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