Saturday, May 21, 2011

Electrolux Dynamica: Making house chores easy

Living in a family that requires each member to take part of house chores one of the things I hate the most is sweeping the floor. I always got back pains due to long sweeping and reaching hard to clean area like under the couch, tables, beds and cabinets but still it’s not 100% clean. Every time I sweep, which I am sure that everyone encountered this scenario is that there are instance when we sweep the floor instead of brushing off the dust it clutches on the tip and scattered on the air as germs goes with it. Germs that goes with the dust leads to skin allergy, asthma and other respiratory diseases. It prolongs our burden bent and tired sweeping the floor without getting the assurance of having the area clean, dust free and germ free.

Now Eletrolux, Swedish global appliance company that pioneered vacuum cleaners brings another innovation to household cleaning – Dynamica. Unlike the usual vacuum cleaner, Dynamica is more sophisticated in terms of the way it looks, used and features, coping with the modern family that requires flexibility and compact in terms of space and usage.

With a sleek razor-like design and double-jointed floor nozzle enables the head to swivel from side-to-side, it minimizes the possibilities to bend to clean hard to reach area. Through its motor brush and cyclonic action features Dynamica ensures no dust, no hair or any fiber will be left on the floor and it is effective in cleaning carpets and areas under the sofa and cabinet. All the dust and dirt will be locked up at the one-liter dust container (varies in blue or green depending on the unit), and it is easy to clean. Lastly, it comes with a parking stand for easy storage.

With Electrolux Dynamica, it lessens our time sweeping the floor more that 50% and giving us the chance to enjoy other important things with our family. The product is now available in mall and accredited appliances store in the country. Electrolux is taking off P1, 000 off from its price if buyers can exchange their old brooms for the product. For more information about Dynamica and other Electrolux product visit

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